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Found in Translation

By Samantha Schnee
Words Without Borders, the reach of literature

God’s Law

By Mark Fathi Massoud
Islam and politics in the United States


By James Shapiro
Lincoln, Booth, and Macbeth

Green Backed

By Mark Copelovitch
Why the dollar still dominates & why that matters

Forest Run

By Leigh Raiford
From the seen to the seeing

Locked in Place

By Margaret Weir
Inequality in the new American metropolis

The Middle East Landscape from a Transatlantic Perspective

By Eva Bellin, David Patel, and Ali Fathollah-Nejad
Assessing the state of the broader Middle East

Diminuendo Lagrimoso

By Andrew Moravcsik
Tracing the decline of big opera voices

Transitioning to a Postcarbon Future

By Stuart Kirsch
Pacific Island leaders reject the narrative of their grim environmental fate

Cold Peace

By Michael Doyle
Democracies, autocracies, and the fate of Ukraine

We Want You

By Saira Mohamed
Conscription and the law in Russia's war of aggression

Who “We” Are

Daniel Benjamin and Anne-Marie Slaughter
A conversation about shifitng power and perspectives

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