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Aren’t They Strange

by Ying Zhang
The exemplary deaths of premodern Chinese individuals

To Make a King

by Damián Fernández
Rebellion, legitimacy, and the Visigothic quest for order after Rome

Eric Wesley. Artist Portfolio

with an introduction by Jan Tumlir

The Visible Hand

by Etel Solingen
Global supply chains and geopolitics

Democratizing Science for Post-Carbon Lithium Futures

by Javiera Barandiarán
Lithium mining, mineral explorations, and the barriers of environmental science

Sui Generis

by Lawrence Douglas
Aggression, atrocity, and the Verbrecherstaat

Remembering the Airlift

An Interview with Gail Halvorsen

An die Musik

by Christopher H. Gibbs
Teaching Franz Schubert’s hymn to art

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