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10 Sep 20

Ninth Beast: A Quarantine Story

The world is on hold and we are all going a bit stir-crazy. Strange things are happening in a tiny New York City apartment, where a young podcaster uses his isolation time to open a mysterious portal to the afterlife.…

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16 Jul 20

Liliane Weissberg Discusses Three Postcards from Walter Benjamin’s Collection

A presentation by Liliane Weissberg on three postcards from Walter Benjamin's collection.

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25 Jun 20

A New Way Forward for Global Cooperation

Development economist Jeffrey Sachs discusses a strategy for a new multilateralism to maintain peace, prosperity, and environmental sustainability.

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16 Jun 20

Making Sense of (and in) Senseless Times

Writers Paul La Farge, Jan Brandt, and moderator Simone Schröder discuss fiction, fact, and the disorderly present

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03 Jun 20

Corona Dispatches

Scholars at the American Academy reflect on the pandemic and its meanings

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20 May 20

The Poetry of Painting: A Conversation

A discussion between cultural and literary historian Liliane Weissberg and artist Jo Baer.

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11 May 20

Singing to Glaciers: What Iceland Can Teach Us about Grief and Our Common Future

Cultural anthropologists Dominic Boyer and Cymene Howe discuss Icelandic glaciers, grief, and, of course, Björk.

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16 Apr 20

Fellow Spotlight: Carolyn Chen

Carolyn Chen presents ideas for her newest work.

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16 Apr 20

Fellow Spotlight: Moira Fradinger

Moira Fradinger on Argentina and the gender revolution.

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25 Mar 20

Fellow Spotlight: George Steinmetz

George Steinmetz asks how knowledge can shape imperial politics.

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