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12 Sep 19

Fellow Spotlight: Angela Flournoy

Angelo Flournoy discusses her currently untilted second novel.

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11 Sep 19

Fellow Spotlight: Renée Green

Artist, writer, and filmmaker Renée Green discusses Pacing, her two-year project at Harvard University’s Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, which focuses on the building’s iconic design by Le Corbusier.

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10 Sep 19

Fall 2019 Fellows Presentation

Presenting the fall 2019 class of fellows

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05 Sep 19

Fellow Spotlight: Roberto Suro

Roberto Suro examines the challenges that recent flows of asylum-seeking migrants pose for many Western democracies

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28 Aug 19

Fellow Spotlight: Adam Ehrlich Sachs

Adam Ehrlich Sachs discusses his novel The Organs of Sense, about a young Leibniz's encounter with a blind astronomer.

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28 May 19

Putin’s World

Angela Stent discusses her latest book, "Putin's World: Russia Against the West and with the Rest."

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20 May 19

Technology and Data in the Health and Automotive Industries

Sandra E. Peterson and Manfred Bischoff discuss digitalization in the health and automotive industries.

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16 May 19

Insurance against Total Destruction: East and West German Plans to Save Civilization

Jennifer Allen discusses preparations for the end of world in Cold War Germany.

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15 May 19

Beyond the Lecture: Anne Finger on Disability and the Politics of Memory

Writer Anne Finger visits the site of a former Nazi psychiatric facility, only to find it forgotten.

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08 May 19

Monuments of Nature from Berlin to the Americas

Jared Farmer approaches the global history of conservation through monumental trees.

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