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Attending American Academy Events: Special COVID-19 Policies and Requirements

The health and safety of our fellows, guests, and staff are of utmost importance to us. The American Academy in Berlin meets or exceeds all health requirements and mandates by the Berlin state and German federal governments. The American Academy in Berlin’s COVID-19 policies and requirements regarding event attendance may be found here. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

ONLINE: Stephen M. Kellen Book Talk

America in the World: A History of U.S. Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

In this talk, Robert B. Zoellick will discuss his latest publication, "America in the World: A History of U.S. Diplomacy and Foreign Policy."...

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ONLINE: Max Beckmann Lecture

Sean Scully: By Hand

Sean Scully argues that current environmental and public-health crises are related to our increasing disconnection from the physical and man-made world....

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27 Apr 21

ONLINE: Gerhard Casper Lecture

Being Black in Europe: Identity and Invisibility

Allison Blakely observes that while recent decades have witnessed highly visible achievements by individual black Europeans, the black population as a whole continues to experience a sense of invisibi...

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29 Apr 21

ONLINE: Fritz Stern Lecture

The Travails of Theorizing about the Integration of Europe: Neo-Functionalism and its Competitors

Philippe C. Schmitter will explain the essentials of a neo-functionalist approach and compare it to its competitors....

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ONLINE: Ellen Maria Gorrissen Lecture

Tony Cokes: Words and Spaces

Tony Cokes discusses the text-animated artworks he has been creating over the past decade....

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ONLINE: Marcus Bierich Lecture

FULFILLMENT: Winning and Losing in One-Click America

Alec MacGillis is taking a closer look at one of the driving forces of regional inequality in the US: Amazon....

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06 May 21

ONLINE: Inga Maren Otto Lecture

Unifying and Integrating Compositional and Improvisational Language as a Composer-Performer

Anna Webber argues that jazz’s composer–performers occupy a unique and privileged position in the music world....

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Head-to-Head: A Meeting of Inspired Minds

Gate of Tears: Migration and Immobility across the Red Sea

Nathalie Peutz examines contemporary encounters between Yemeni “refugees” and Ethiopian “migrants” in the port town of Djibouti....

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11 May 21

ONLINE: Andrew W. Mellon Lecture in the Humanities

The Refugee Crisis: Crossing, Cutting and Burning the Mediterranean Seametery

Hakim Abderrezak discusses sea crossings and what he terms “the so-called ‘refugee crisis’” to interrogate the terminology individuals and scholars use to examine this human tragedy....

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12 May 21
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We hope you enjoyed the American Academy in Berlin’s fall 2020 semester of online lectures, readings, and discussions. If you missed any of these talks or would like to watch them again, please visit our Video/Audio archive.

Please check back in late January for the listing of events taking place during the spring 2021 semester.

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