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Airbus Lecture

Living through the Sixth Extinction

Pulitzer recipient Elizabeth Kolbert details what the possibility of extinction means for both humans and the millions of other species who share the planet....

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Andrew W. Mellon Lecture in the Humanities

The Afterlives of Gold: Mining and Migrancy in Southern Africa

Drawing on two decades of ethnographic fieldwork and using film footage from a documentary on informal mining in the de-industrializing spaces of South Africa’s gold mines, Rosalind Morris considers...

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06 Nov 18

Lloyd Cutler Lecture

American Lawyers: Defending Democracy and the Rule of Law

Roberta Cooper Ramo argues that American lawyers’ most fundamental duties are to protect the democratic process and the independence of the courts....

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Dirk Ippen Lecture

Idling Next to the Network

Tung-Hui Hu explores the weighty dynamics of always-on social media by examining the work of “lethargic” artists....

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09 Nov 18

Lisa and Heinrich Arnhold Lecture

Afrofuturism—The Future Is Unwritten

Philipp Khabo Koepsell and Priscilla Layne will discuss Afrofuturism, black masculinity, German norms, and the influence of hip hop in Germany....

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Ellen Maria Gorrissen Lecture

Imagination in Service of Historic Reality

Filmmaker Gyula Gazdag discusses his experience with censorship in communist Hungary, and why he is now working on a film about the First World War....

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American Academy Alumni Seminar

Politics – Culture – Identity

In the spirit of keeping the Academy's intellectual network alive, a group of distinguished scholars and artists will convene at Stanford University to examine broader questions of identity politics....

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Marina Kellen French Discussion

Art, Migration, and Human Dignity

Ai Weiwei and Gereon Sievernich discuss the impact of Ai's time in the German capital on his artwork....

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John W. Kluge Lecture

Democracy and Imagination

Masha Gessen is a journalist and the author of ten books of nonfiction, most recently The Future Is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia....

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04 Dec 18

Nina Maria Gorrissen Lecture

The Ottoman Wars and the German Homefront, 1470-1620

Carina L. Johnson explores the lived experiences of soldiers and refugees integral to shaping imperial politics during the Holy Roman-Ottoman conflicts....

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