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27 Apr 19
29 Apr 19

Daimler Lecture

Translation and Sexual Safety

Emily Apter on the thorniness of translating the contemporary language of sexual safety....

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American Academy Lecture

Are We Right To Be Scared of China?

Journalist John Pomfret on China’s role as a prospective global power....

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07 May 19

Anna-Maria Kellen Lecture

Monuments of Nature from Berlin to the Americas

Jared Farmer approaches the global history of conservation through monumental trees....

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08 May 19

Head-to-Head: A Meeting of Inspired Minds

World Literature from the Clay Tablet to the Internet

Harvard University's Martin Puchner speaks with Eckart Goebel, of Universität Tübingen, about the history of writing....

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16 May 19

Berthold Leibinger Lecture

Insurance against Total Destruction: East and West German Plans to Save Civilization

Jennifer Allen discusses how both sides of the Iron Curtain planned to save civilization as the Cold War heated up....

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American Academy Lecture

Putin’s World

Russia expert Angela Stent discusses the current state of the Russian Federation....

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06 Jun 19

Andrew W. Mellon Discussion

Scratching against the Kaboom and Blare of Trumpets

Inaugural Andrew W. Mellon fellows Rosalind Morris and Ronald Radano in discussion with South African composers Thuthuka Sibisi and Philip Miller....

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Please check back in September 2018 for upcoming events at the American Academy in Berlin.

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