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Attending American Academy Events: Special COVID-19 Policies and Requirements

The health and safety of our fellows, guests, and staff are of utmost importance to us. The American Academy in Berlin meets or exceeds all health requirements and mandates by the Berlin state and German federal governments. The American Academy in Berlin’s COVID-19 policies and requirements regarding event attendance may be found here. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

20 Jan 21

ONLINE: Road to Election Night & Beyond

Inauguration Day in America: Linking Washington and Berlin

Thirteen transatlantic experts will convene in Berlin to help you make sense of the inaugural process and its implications on both sides of the Atlantic....

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16 Feb 21

ONLINE: Stephen M. Kellen Lecture

Religion and the Rise of Capitalism

Benjamin M. Friedman examines how what we now call economics was decisively shaped by religious though....

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23 Feb 21

ONLINE: Nina Maria Gorrissen Lecture

Roman Diversity: Modern Lessons from an Ancient Empire

Nandini Pandey explores the literary and material remnants of Roman diversity....

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02 Mar 21

Anna-Maria Kellen Lecture

James Baldwin: The Making of an American Icon

How did a poor, queer African American, like Baldwin become one of the most celebrated spokespersons of his generation for African American culture and the Civil Rights movement?...

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Berthold Leibinger Lecture

Displacement in the Horn of Africa: Racialization, Migration, and the United Nations

Nathalie Peutz examines contemporary encounters between Yemeni “refugees,” racialized as Arab, and Ethiopian “migrants,” racialized as African, in a port town of Djibouti....

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25 Mar 21

Daimler Lecture

Harun Farocki: Forms of Intelligence between Text and Image

In this talk, Nora Alter takes a close look at filmmaker and critic Harun Farocki’s early writings....

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15 Apr 21

Nina Maria Gorrissen Lecture

Stepping onto the Pedestal: An Animating History of Restitution from the Napoleonic Wars

Alice Goff offers a novel view of the contradictions within nineteenth-century Prussia’s liberal cultural politics—and the consequences for our own understanding of restitution and museology in Ge...

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11 May 21

Andrew W. Mellon Lecture in the Humanities

The Refugee Crisis: Crossing, Cutting and Burning the Mediterranean Seametery

Hakim Abderrezak discusses sea crossings and what he terms “the so-called ‘refugee crisis’” to interrogate the terminology individuals and scholars use to examine this human tragedy....

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We hope you enjoyed the American Academy in Berlin’s fall 2020 semester of online lectures, readings, and discussions. If you missed any of these talks or would like to watch them again, please visit our Video/Audio archive.

Please check back in late January for the listing of events taking place during the spring 2021 semester.

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