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24 Apr 24

American Academy Lecture at SKD

A Brief History of the Whitney Biennial: Promise and Protest

Adam D. Weinberg

A veteran director of the Whitney Museum on the history and dynamism of its famed Biennial....

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25 Apr 24

Axel Springer Lecture

Dollar Dominance and the Future of American Power

Mark Copelovitch

Mark Copelovitch argues that the dollar’s dominance will persist for many decades to come....

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06 May 24

Richard von Weizsäcker Lecture

Climate Change and Innovative Paths toward a More Sustainable Future

Steven Chu

Former US Secretary of Energy on developments in climate technology...

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John P. Birkelund Lecture

The New Right’s Cultural Politics

Johannes von Moltke

How the New Right weaponizes culture on both sides of the Atlantic....

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13 May 24

Airbus Lecture

Navigating the Nuclear Future: Safety, Sustainability, and Security

Daniel B. Poneman

Former US Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman discusses global developments in nuclear power generation....

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Gahl Hodges Burt Policy Lecture

Rising Anti-Semitism in a Global Context

Sharon Nazarian

The case for understanding rising antisemitism as a global trend....

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Marina Kellen French Lecture

Stripping Opera for Parts

David Lang

Remaking opera from its components...

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Baden-Württemburg Seminar / GKAT Lecture

Dollar Signs: The Myth of American Decline and the Future of World Order

Mark Copelovitch

Assessing the effects of the dollar's dominance in global affairs....

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Taiwan Rising

Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer illustrates the tightrope of Taiwanese history, detailing the island's experience before, during, and after colonial and Chinese rule....

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Leah Joy Zell Lecture

A Discussion with Theaster Gates

Theaster Gates

Artist Theaster Gates speaks about his work....

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Please check back soon for the listing of spring 2024 events. In the meantime, head over to our video archive of past events.

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