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Ellen Maria Gorrissen Lecture

New Work

Filmmaker Kevin Jerome Everson discusses his work....

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Airbus Lecture

The Worldly Engagement of Maritime South China: A Strategic Cultural Mapping

Helen F. Siu discusses the historical layers of economic and cultural resources along China's Maritime Silk Road....

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American Academy Lecture

Hong Kong: Ground Zero and a Global Awakening

Helen F. Siu discusses the political and social valences animating the unrest in Hong Kong....

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17 Mar 20

Holtzbrinck Reading

A Reading from The Night Ocean

Writer Paul La Farge reads from his novel "The Night Ocean."...

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24 Mar 20

Head-to-Head: A Meeting of Inspired Minds

Diving into the Night Ocean: Making Fiction from Fact

Paul La Farge and translator Simone Schröder will discuss the art of making fiction from fact....

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31 Mar 20
01 Apr 20

Lisa and Heinrich Arnhold Lecture

Schreiben von Unterwegs: Postkarten von Walter Benjamin

Liliane Weissberg zeichnet Benjamins Beziehung zur Postkarte nach – sowohl zum materiellen Produkt selbst als auch zu ihrer Funktion als Korrespondenzobjekt....

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14 Apr 20

American Academy Lecture at ESMT

The Marshall Plan, the Cold War, and the Birth of the Liberal World Order

Benn Steil talks about the Marshall Plan and the beginning of the Cold War....

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15 Apr 20

Fritz Stern Lecture

The Marshall Plan: Dawn of the Cold War

In his new book, Benn Steil argues that the true beginnings of the Cold War began with the Marshall Plan....

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Kurt Viermetz Lecture

George H.W. Bush and the American Century: A Biographer’s Reflections

Presidential historian Jon Meacham talks about writing his bestselling 2015 biography of President George H.W. Bush....

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