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The Spring 2024 Program
Hot off the presses! The spring 2024 program has arrived. Download here.
The 2023-24 Berlin Journal
The new issue of the Berlin Journal features essays, articles, and artwork by the 2023-24 class of Berlin Prize Fellows.
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Gala
The American Academy will celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary in New York City on April 9, 2024.
Remembering John C. Kornblum (1943 – 2023)
The American Academy in Berlin mourns the passing of trustee John C. Kornblum.
Jens Stoltenberg Receives the 2023 Henry A. Kissinger Prize
Laudations by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi.
Remembering Dr. Henry A. Kissinger (1923-2023)
The American Academy in Berlin mourns the passing of founding chairman Henry A. Kissinger.
The Fall 2023 Program
The American Academy turns 25! Download the fall 2023 program for this anniversary semester's worth of lectures, readings, discussions, concerts, and film screenings.
Anthony Vidler (1941-2023)
The American Academy in Berlin mourns the passing of Anthony Vidler, renowned architect, architectural theorist, historian, and longtime Academy trustee.
The 2023-24 Berlin Prize Fellows
The American Academy in Berlin has granted 26 Berlin Prizes for fall 2023 and spring 2024.
The 2022-23 Berlin Journal
The 2022-23 Berlin Journal features a range of essays and fiction by the 2022-23 class of Berlin Prize fellows, news from the Academy, book reviews, and much more.
A Centennial Birthday
The trustees of the American Academy in Berlin wish founding chairman Henry Kissinger a happy one-hundredth birthday.
C. Boyden Gray (1943-2023)
An American Academy trustee since 2008, Gray was dedicated to the institution's mission, and gave generously of his time and advice.
Remembering Ed Koren (1935-2023)
Cartoonist Ed Koren was a Distinguished Visitor at the American Academy in Berlin in fall 2003. We will dearly miss him, his drawings, and his offbeat humor.
The Spring 2023 Program
From the history of Russian territorial boundaries to Turkish artistic practices in 1980s Berlin, from the origins of electronic music to Europe in an age of economic warfare, among much more.
President Frank-Walter Steinmeier Receives the 2022 Henry A. Kissinger Prize
The Kissinger Prize is awarded annually to a European or American figure for contributions to the transatlantic relationship.
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