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Extreme-Right Populism and Foreign Policy
The nature and sources of extreme-right foreign policy rhetoric and its impact
Data as Power
Is the power of data a positive or negative?
Continental Divide
Europe in an age of geo-economics
Economics, Values, and Influence
German energy policy and the European future
Capital Returns
Income concentration and technological change in Germany, 1871-2014
Feed the Tree
A plan to catalyze investment in global forest health
The Wander Years
Vocational training remains the largest section of Germany’s educational and training system
Technology, Politics, and the Rise of China
When technology replaces empires
Share Price
The uses and abuses of personal data
Small State Power in the Digital Era
Insights from the Estonian experience
Networked Geopolitics
Global networks as both metaphor and repository of power
Bypassed Bureaucracies
Institutional learning in the networked world
Digital Diplomacy: From Tactics To Strategy
How to get digitalization and diplomacy to work together
Too Slow to Deliver
Can governments regulate the networked world?
Liberal Values and the Tech Revolution
Three questions for four participants of the Holbrooke Forum's Digital Diplomacy Project
Towards a New Balkans Diplomacy
An assessment of European diplomacy in the Western Balkans
Net Reach
Technology companies as foreign-policy players
The Digital Demos
How the internet is transforming the political sphere
Drivers of Global Change
What happens when digital disruption meets geopolitics?
The Global Migration Crisis
The Holbrooke Forum and The Brookings Institution on the global refugee crisis
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