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The 2020-21 Berlin Journal
The 2020-21 Berlin Journal features articles, essays, fiction, and drawings by Academy fellows and guests, with a focus section on race, power, and empire.
The Fall 2020 Program
The fall 2020 program features talks on the presidential election, US diplomacy, and an array of topics in the arts and humanities.
Singing to Glaciers
In this podcast, cultural anthropologists Dominic Boyer and Cymene Howe discuss their research into Icelandic traditions, melting glaciers, and a global sense of precariousness.

This house has become a central location for open discussion. – Chancellor Angela Merkel

The American Academy in Berlin is a jewel of transatlantic exchange. – President Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Possibly one of the coolest forums in the country. – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

We must fight for transatlantic institutions like the American Academy in Berlin, which forges and preserves the bonds that help keep the free world vibrant, safe, and decent. – Roger Cohen, New York Times columnist and American Academy alumnus

I found my time at the American Academy to be an enormously rich intellectual experience. – Thomas Friedman

The American Academy in Berlin, located directly on Lake Wannsee, resides in one of the most beautiful properties in Berlin and organizes some of the most interesting events in the German capital. – Cicero Magazine

The American Academy in Berlin is the world’s most important center for American intellectual life outside the United States.  Der Spiegel

Transatlantic partnership at a high intellectual level, in the style of mutual respect.
— Süddeutsche Zeitung​

Recent Videos & Podcasts

The Pandemic and Politics in America
Political scientist Lynn Vavreck discusses the 2020 presidential race and its policy implications in light of the global pandemic.
Fifty-One Imperfect Solutions: States and the Making of American Constitutional Law
Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton is looking at the ways in which state constitutional law has affected both state and federal law.
American Diplomacy and the Post-Pandemic World
Ambassador William J. Burns discusses American diplomacy in a post-pandemic environment.
The U.S. 2020 Elections: Trump Redux or Change?
David Brady outlines the forces determining Trump’s chances in the upcoming presidential election.
Washington Disrupted: Trump, the Election, and What Comes Next
Susan Glasser discusses the upcoming US presidential election and what it means for American international leadership.
Presentation of the Fall 2020 Class of Fellows
The American Academy in Berlin is proud to present its fall 2020 class of fellows.
Ninth Beast: A Quarantine Story
On this episode of Beyond the Lecture: novelist Paul LaFarge’s fictive play “Ninth Beast.”
Fellow Spotlight: Moira Fradinger
Moira Fradinger on Argentina and the gender revolution.
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