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The Spring 2023 Program
From the history of Russian territorial boundaries to Turkish artistic practices in 1980s Berlin, from the origins of electronic music to Europe in an age of economic warfare, among much more.
President Frank-Walter Steinmeier Receives the 2022 Henry A. Kissinger Prize
The Kissinger Prize is awarded annually to a European or American figure for contributions to the transatlantic relationship.
The 2022-23 Berlin Journal
The 2022-23 Berlin Journal features a range of essays and fiction by the 2022-23 class of Berlin Prize fellows, news from the Academy, book reviews, and much more.

Recent Videos & Podcasts

Fellow Spotlight: Abraham L. Newman
Abraham L. Newman studies how European policymakers are struggling to make sense of the “weaponized interdependence” of global trade.
Fellow Spotlight: John Connelly
John Connelly is exploring the long-term consequences of Germany’s emergence as a nation that was at once imperial and ethnic.
Fellow Spotlight: Ela Gezen
Ela Gezen is working on a project about Turkish artistic and cultural practices in West Berlin during the 1970s and '80s that blends cultural studies, history, and migration studies.
Fellow Spotlight: Paul W. Werth
Paul W. Werth investigates the long and complex history of Russia’s border, spanning three continents, from the medieval period through the present.
Fellow Spotlight: Cymene Howe
Cymene Howe brings research in the social sciences to bear on the physical connections and adaptation responses to ice melt and sea-level rise.
Historical Fiction in an Age of Misinformation
Lauren Groff reads from her recent work and discusses historical fiction in the age of fake news.
Fellow Spotlight: Lauren Groff
Fiction writer Lauren Groff is at the Academy working on a novel-in-progress entitled "Doom-Eager."
Presentation of the Spring 2023 Fellows
Welcoming the fiftieth class of Berlin Prize Fellows; opening remarks by Tobias Lindner, Federal Foreign Office.
US-China Relations in Light of the Ukraine War
What will the effects of the war be on relations between the United States and China, a relationship deemed by many to be key to future peace and stability?
Fellow Spotlight: Claudia Rankine
Poet and playwright Claudia Rankine is adapting into a play the transcript of two recorded conversations between James Baldwin and poet Audre Lorde.
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