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A Centennial Birthday
The trustees of the American Academy in Berlin wish founding chairman Henry Kissinger a happy one-hundredth birthday.
The 2022-23 Berlin Journal
The 2022-23 Berlin Journal features a range of essays and fiction by the 2022-23 class of Berlin Prize fellows, news from the Academy, book reviews, and much more.

Recent Videos & Podcasts

Fellow Spotlight: Tiffany N. Florvil
Tiffany Florvil is working on an intellectual biography of May Ayim (1960-96), who became one of the most important Black German thinkers, poets, and activists of the postwar period.
Fellow Spotlight: Lorrie Moore
Acclaimed short-story writer and novelist Lorrie Moore is writing a narrative about her father’s 1936 visit to Germany with his family.
Fellow Spotlight: Cristina Rivera Garza
Cristina Rivera Garza's most recent book is "Liliane’s Invincible Summer: A Sister’s Search for Justice," which plumbs the depths of her late sister’s writings.
Fellow Spotlight: Abraham L. Newman
Abraham L. Newman studies how European policymakers are struggling to make sense of the “weaponized interdependence” of global trade.
Fellow Spotlight: John Connelly
John Connelly is exploring the long-term consequences of Germany’s emergence as a nation that was at once imperial and ethnic.
Fellow Spotlight: Ela Gezen
Ela Gezen is working on a project about Turkish artistic and cultural practices in West Berlin during the 1970s and '80s that blends cultural studies, history, and migration studies.
Fellow Spotlight: Paul W. Werth
Paul W. Werth investigates the long and complex history of Russia’s border, spanning three continents, from the medieval period through the present.
Fellow Spotlight: Cymene Howe
Cymene Howe brings research in the social sciences to bear on the physical connections and adaptation responses to ice melt and sea-level rise.
Historical Fiction in an Age of Misinformation
Lauren Groff reads from her recent work and discusses historical fiction in the age of fake news.
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