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Announcing the Carol Kahn Strauss Fellowship in Jewish Studies
The American Academy in Berlin is pleased to announce a gift of $2.4 million from Carol Kahn Strauss to establish an endowed fellowship in Jewish Studies.
The Fall 2022 Program
Download the fall 2022 program, featuring topics from American electoral politics to eco-musicology to a cultural history of American violence.
The 2022-23 Berlin Prize Fellows
The American Academy has granted fellowships for fall 2022 and spring 2023 to twenty outstanding American scholars, writers, composers, and artists.

Recent Videos & Podcasts

Quantum Leaps in European Integration
In this talk, Barry Eichengreen explains how significant departures from the status quo ante led to deeper European integration, and asks whether and how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will prompt a similar reaction.
Fellow Spotlight: Suzanne L. Marchand
In her Academy project, Marchand asks: “What does it tell us about the modern historical sciences that we recognize as ‘the father of history’ a figure who has also been regularly vilified as ‘the father of lies’?”
Fellow Spotlight: Claudia Rankine
Rankine plans to adapt the transcript of two recorded conversations between James Baldwin and poet Audre Lorde into a play.
Fellow Spotlight: Joshua Sellers
Joshua Sellers will examine the relationship among election-law doctrines, electoral structures, policies, practices, and racial equity.
The American Republic: Past, Present, and Future
Annette Gordon-Reed argues that it is necessary to reassess the state of the American experiment and to reconsider the idea of American exceptionalism.
Presentation of the Class of Fall 2022 Fellows
Introduction by Wolfgang Ischinger, President of the Foundation Council of the Munich Security Conference Foundation.
Trans: Here, Now, and Hereafter
How are global ideas of gender changing in the contemporary world and in which ways can "gender" be understood as an artifact of the structures behind the modern Eurocentric worldview?
Russia in Ukraine IV: The Aggressor’s Self-Inflicted Wounds
What might be Putin’s own assessment of his situation and what would need to happen for him to change course? What might the Russia that emerges from this war look like?
Colonialism, Propaganda, and Postcolonial Legacies
In this talk, Dominic Thomas examines and decodes various forms of colonial representation to better understand how iconographic propaganda was instrumentalized to legitimize and enforce colonial rule.
When the Unthinkable Becomes Real: A Reporter’s View on Russia’s War in Ukraine
Joshua Yaffa reports on his experiences in Ukraine, where he witnessed the war up close.
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