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President Frank-Walter Steinmeier Receives the 2022 Henry A. Kissinger Prize
The Kissinger Prize is awarded annually to a European or American figure for contributions to the transatlantic relationship.
The 2022-23 Berlin Journal
The 2022-23 Berlin Journal features a range of essays and fiction by the 2022-23 class of Berlin Prize fellows, news from the Academy, book reviews, and much more.
The Fall 2022 Program
Download the fall 2022 program, featuring topics from American electoral politics to eco-musicology to a cultural history of American violence.

Recent Videos & Podcasts

US-China Relations in Light of the Ukraine War
What will the effects of the war be on relations between the United States and China, a relationship deemed by many to be key to future peace and stability?
Fellow Spotlight: Claudia Rankine
Poet and playwright Claudia Rankine is adapting into a play the transcript of two recorded conversations between James Baldwin and poet Audre Lorde.
Fellow Spotlight: David Treuer
David Treuer's Academy project is a book-length personal essay about understanding America's most durable crisis – violence in its schools, policies, and streets.
The Idea and Image of Slavery in Plato’s “Phaedo”
Jackie Murray focuses on the significance of Phaedo's role as she explores the function of the slavery analogy in Plato's famed dialogue.
Starting with What’s There
Through an exploration of Studio Gang’s portfolio of work, Jeanne Gang will demonstrate how her practice uses the motto of “start with what’s there” to reveal the often-hidden potential of existing sites or buildings.
Accountable Democracy? Representative Politics in America
In this lecture, Alma Steingart investigates how changing computational practices insinuated themselves into the most basic definitions of “fairness” in the American electorate in the twentieth century.
Creativity and Resilience: Prison Art in Ming China, 1368-1644
In this talk, Ying Zhang examines the relationship between imprisonment and religious freedom.
The Fight for Congress: The 2022 Midterm Elections and What They Portend for America’s Democracy

In this special Academy Zoom event, Doug Sosnik — White House political director during the Clinton administration and one of America’s foremost electoral analysts — explains the dynamics shaping the unpredictable 2022 midterm election and the evolution of the American electorate.

Fellow Spotlight: Alma Steingart
Alma Steingart is an assistant professor of history and Columbia University who studies the intersection of mathematical thought and electoral politics in the United States.
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