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Remembering Vartan Gregorian (1934-2021)
The trustees and staff of the American Academy in Berlin mourn the passing of our friend and colleague Vartan Gregorian.
The 2020-21 Berlin Journal
The 2020-21 Berlin Journal features articles, essays, fiction, and drawings by Academy fellows and guests, with a focus section on race, power, and empire.
Next Generation

What was like to be the first black person at an all-white private school in the American South? In this episode of Beyond the Lecture, we explore this question through the work of Mosi Secret.

Recent Lecture Videos & Podcasts

Who Is Classics For?
In this podcast episode, Nandini Pandey brings to light a more detailed picture of the heterogenous makeup of the ancient Roman world -- and what that means for our own.
Unpacking Biden’s Environmental Agenda – A Conversation with Todd Stern
The chief US negotiator for the Paris Climate Agreement discusses the Biden Administrations environmental policy.
The Language of Thieves: The Story of Rotwelsch and One Family’s Secret History
Martin Puchner on the "secret language" of Rotwelsch, which his own grandfather -- whom he later learned was a committed Nazi -- despised as a "language of thieves."
Fellow Spotlight: Alice Goff
Alice Goff is exploring the idea that a work of art can create modern liberal society.
Fellow Spotlight: Nora M. Alter
Nora M. Alter on the late filmmaker Harun Farocki.
Virgin Galactic and the Making of a Modern Astronaut
Nicholas Schmidle takes a closer look at the test pilots, engineers, and visionaries behind Virgin Galactic’s campaign to build a space tourism company.
Rethink, Reset, Recalibrate: U.S.-China Relations from Donald Trump to Joe Biden
Elizabeth Economy evaluates the current status of the U.S.-China relationship and the overall strategic direction and policy priorities under a Biden administration.
Gender, War, and Citizenship: A Transatlantic Roundtable
A transatlantic roundtable to launch the "Oxford Handbook of Gender, War, and the Western World since 1600."
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