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Remembering Dr. Henry A. Kissinger (1923-2023)
The American Academy in Berlin mourns the passing of founding chairman Henry A. Kissinger.
Jens Stoltenberg Receives the 2023 Henry A. Kissinger Prize
Laudations by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi.
The 2023-24 Berlin Journal
The new issue of the Berlin Journal has arrived, featuring essays, articles, and artwork by the 2023-24 Class of Berlin Prize Fellows.

Recent Videos & Podcasts

Fellow Spotlight: Saira Mohamed
Saira Mohamed examines how international and domestic legal systems regulate states’ treatment of military service members.
Fellow Spotlight: Liana Finck
Cartoonist Liana Finck is working on her sixth book, "What to Do When," a tongue-in-cheek instruction manual for living in human society.
Fellow Spotlight: Camila Agosto
Camila Agosto is developing new electroacoustic pieces for mixed instrumentation that incorporate her research in somatic experiences and sound healing.
Fellow Spotlight: David H. Price
Historian David Price is tracing Jewish intellectual contributions to the expansion of religious toleration in Early Modern Europe.
Fellow Spotlight: A.K. Burns
Artist A.K. Burns is researching and developing new video work and related sculptures.
Fellow Spotlight: Mabel O. Wilson
Mabel O. Wilson is working on an architectural and cultural history of racial difference from the early years of the United States.
Fellow Spotlight: Holly Case
Holly Case’s Academy project explores symbolic WWII politics as they relate to the war in Ukraine and the 1990s wars in Yugoslavia, foremost via the idea of tracing "tained" history.
Fellow Spotlight: Mariana P. Candido
Mariana P. Candido’s study examines the roles of West African women as leaders and commoners, free and enslaved, during the era of the slave trade and European imperialism.
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