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The 2021-22 Berlin Journal
The 2021-22 Berlin Journal features a range of essays, stories, and artwork by this year's class of fellows. Happy reading!
The Fall 2021 Program
Download the fall 2021 program, featuring topics from the future of money to Merkel's legacy to America's first drag queen.
The 2021-22 Berlin Prize Fellows
The American Academy has granted fellowships for fall 2021 and spring 2022 to twenty-two outstanding American scholars, writers, composers, and artists.

Recent Videos & Podcasts

The Imperial Roots of Modern Greece
In this talk, Yanni Kotsonis addresses the question when the Greeks became Greek.
Fellow Spotlight: Amy Kurzweil
Amy Kurzweil discusses her second book, “Artificial: A Love Story,” which she calls “a graphic memoir about the future of the past.”
Fellow Spotlight: Bertrall Ross
Bertrall Ross traces two centuries of English and American political thought that culminated in the adoption of the Fifteenth Amendment (1869).
Fellow Spotlight: Yanni Kotsonis
Yanni Kotsonis contextualizes the Greek Revolution globally.
Shutdown: How Covid Shook the World’s Economy
Adam Tooze discusses his new book, "Shutdown: How Covid Shook the World’s Economy."
What the Habsburg Empire Got Right—and Why It Matters
Pieter Judson discusses possible legacies of the Habsburg Empire.
Presentation of the Fall 2021 Fellows

Welcoming remarks by Barrie Kosky, Artistic Director, Komische Oper Berlin. The Fellows Presentation is made possible in part by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York and Nina von Maltzahn.

Julie Mehretu in Conversation with Patricia Falguières
Julie Mehretu, an alumna and trustee of the American Academy in Berlin, speaks with art historian Patricia Falguières about her work, process, and new exhibition at carlier | gebauer Berlin.
Afghanistan: What on Earth Happened? What Do We Have to Worry about Next?
Three Afghanistan experts of the region discuss the Western withdrawal and collapse of the Afghan government.
Fellow Spotlight: Robert F. Reid-Pharr
Robert F. Reid-Pharr is mapping the contradictions that underwrote the celebrity of writer and activist James Baldwin.
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