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The Spring 2021 Program
Join us this spring for a new series of engaging lectures by our residential (and virtual) fellows and Distinguished Visitors. Download the spring 2021 program.
Remembering George P. Shultz (1920-2021)
The American Academy in Berlin mourns the passing and celebrates the life of longtime friend and supporter George P. Shultz.
Next Generation

What was like to be the first black person at an all-white private school in the American South? In this episode of Beyond the Lecture, we explore this question through the work of Mosi Secret.

Recent Videos & Podcasts

James Baldwin: The Making of an American Icon
Robert F. Reid-Pharr demonstrates how James Baldwin’s literary genius propelled him into the worldwide spotlight..
When Love was Forbidden: Sex and Intimacy in Iran’s Revolutionary Generation
Naghmeh Sohrabi reconstructs a story of love, death, and revolution to shed light on notions of heterosexual love and intimacy in 1970s Iran.
Roman Diversity: Modern Lessons from an Ancient Empire
Nandini Pandey explores the literary and material remnants of Roman diversity.
Some Assembly Required: Decoding Four Billion Years of Life, from Ancient Fossils to DNA
Neil Shubin examines the great transitions in the history of life.
Religion and the Rise of Capitalism
Benjamin M. Friedman examines how what we now call economics was decisively shaped by religious thought.
A Superpower Laid Low: America and the World After January 6
This panel addressed the implications of the events on January 6, as well as likely international security ramifications more broadly.
The Mystery Woman of Hollywood: Greta Garbo, Feminism, and Beauty
Lois Banner takes a closer look at "the Mystery Woman of Hollywood"-- Greta Garbo.
German Unification in a World Perspective
This panel addresses the 30th anniversary of German unification from different national and generational perspectives.
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