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Holtzbrinck Lecture

Becoming a White Man

“On March 16,2017, at the Chandler Hotel, I become a white man. I cross a line and I join a club that will define my reality going forward."...

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20 Sep 18

Axel Springer Lecture

The Consequences of Computation

Media theorist Alexander Galloway investigates the history and culture of computation. In this lecture, he presents historical developments that help define the “crystalline” nature of contemporar...

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27 Sep 18

Mary Ellen von der Heyden Reading

Reading from a Novel-in-Progress

Yaa Gyasi will discuss her work and research and read from her novel-in-progress, in which she explores the psychic costs of immigration on a Ghanaian-American family....

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Richard von Weizsäcker Lecture

Evangelicals and Trump’s Republican Party

Pulitzer-winning author Frances FitzGerald explains that evangelicals attraction to Donald Trump’s politics....

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Foreign Policy Forum

Time for Action in the Western Balkans: Policy Prescriptions for American Diplomacy

A recent report by the National Committee on American Foreign Policy and the EastWest Institute highlights the need for immediate, decisive action by the US and the EU in the Western Balkans to head o...

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18 Oct 18

Anna-Maria Kellen Lecture

Afrofuturist Challenges to Humanism

Afrofuturism asks: What would it mean if Black people stopped fighting to be recognized as human, and instead embraced the possibility of being more than human?...

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Head to Head: A Meeting of Inspired Minds

The US and Russia: A History of Mutual Misunderstandings

The New Yorker’s Moscow correspondent, Joshua Yaffa, will explore the pitfalls of US policy toward Russia, and Russia’s policy toward the US, in light of the the 2016 US presidential election, in ...

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Airbus Lecture

Living through the Sixth Extinction

New Yorker staff writer Elizabeth Kolbert — author of The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History, recipient of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for nonfiction — details what the possibility of extinction m...

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Andrew W. Mellon Lecture in the Humanities

The Afterlives of Gold: Mining and Migrancy in Southern Africa

Drawing on two decades of ethnographic fieldwork and using film footage from a documentary on informal mining in the de-industrializing spaces of South Africa’s gold mines, Rosalind Morris considers...

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