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26 Sep 23

American Academy Discussion

The Legal Travails of Donald J. Trump

Join Atlantic's editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg and New York University law professor and Just Security editor Ryan Goodman for an in-depth discussion of the indictments facing Donald Trump....

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28 Sep 23

Axel Springer Lecture

The Contamination of History

Holly Case

Holly Case discusses the habit of tracing the source of presumed contamination—in matters ranging from national politics in Ukraine to cybernetics—back to the Second World War....

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John P. Birkelund Lecture

Environment as Protagonist

A.K. Burns

A.K. Burns presents recent projects that raise critical questions about resource exploitation, environmental vulnerability, and the effects of marginalization....

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James N. Mattis Lecture

US Defense Strategy in an Era of Major Power Competition

Colin Kahl

Colin Kahl discusses the military and security implications for the US of China's growing assertiveness, Russia's aggression in Ukraine, and changing patterns of global alignment....

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10 Oct 23

Berthold Leibinger Lecture

Ambivalent Monuments: Freedom and Slavery in Iconic American Buildings

Mabel O. Wilson

Mabel O. Wilson on writing histories and creating spaces of remembrance based on archival materials that document America’s conflicting paths of dehumanization, violence, resistance, and resilience ...

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12 Oct 23

American Academy Book Presentation

It’s OK to Be Angry about Capitalism

US Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) presents his new book, which comes out in German on Oct. 14....

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16 Oct 23

Kurt Viermetz Lecture

The 2024 Presidential Elections: A Divided US in Turmoil and Political Instability

Doug Sosnik

Doug Sosnik looks at early 2024 polling data, the political dynamics driving campaign strategies, and voter groups that will likely determine the outcome of the 2024 Presidential election....

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19 Oct 23

Richard C. Holbrooke Lecture

Care and Capitalism

Anne-Marie Slaughter

Reimagining an approach to human needs and desires under capitalism that offers a more balanced and rewarding future....

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John W. Kluge Lecture

United States Strategy toward China

Elizabeth Economy

Elizabeth C. Economy discusses China’s ambitious new strategy to reclaim the country’s past glory and reshape the geostrategic landscape in dramatic new ways....

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31 Oct 23

Deutsche Bank Concert

In the spaces between

Camila Agosto

In the spaces between features two compositions written by Camila Agosto that combine a range of multidisciplinary elements to create a unique musical experience....

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