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10 Oct 19

Preserving Economic Dynamism in the Face of Political, Social, and Monetary Pressures

What steps can we take to preserve economic dynamism in the face of numerous political, social, and monetary pressures? In this year’s Stephen M. Kellen Lecture, Deutsche Bank CFO James von Moltke examines contemporary economic headwinds and the levers that…

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07 Oct 19

Fellow Spotlight: Azade Seyhan

Azade Seyhan examines the historical conditions that necessitate the preservation of intellectual heritages through transport and translation.

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24 Sep 19

New Migration Challenges for the United States and Europe

Roberto Suro discusses the social and political challenges recent immigration poses to polities in the United States and Germany.

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24 Sep 19


Artist Renée Green discusses and shows images from her project "Pacing," at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts.

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12 Sep 19

Fellow Spotlight: Angela Flournoy

Writer Angela Flournoy, author of The Turner House, discusses her currently untitled second novel, which she’s working on as a fall 2019 fellow at the Academy.

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11 Sep 19

Fellow Spotlight: Renée Green

Artist, writer, and filmmaker Renée Green discusses Pacing, her two-year project at Harvard University’s Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, which focuses on the building’s iconic design by Le Corbusier.

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10 Sep 19

Fall 2019 Fellows Presentation

Presenting the fall 2019 class of fellows

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05 Sep 19

Fellow Spotlight: Roberto Suro

Roberto Suro examines the challenges that recent flows of asylum-seeking migrants pose for many Western democracies

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29 Aug 19

Von Berlin nach New York: Ein Leben in zwei Welten

Former American Academy in Berlin board chairman Karl von der Heyden discusses his autobiography at the Jewish Museum Berlin.

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28 Aug 19

Fellow Spotlight: Adam Ehrlich Sachs

Adam Ehrlich Sachs discusses his novel The Organs of Sense, about a young Leibniz's encounter with a blind astronomer.

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