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24 Apr 24

A Brief History of the Whitney Biennial

Adam Weinberg lecture explores the history, structure, and evolution of the Whitney Biennial.

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18 Apr 24

Victims in the Shadow of Conflict

In this talk, Noam Lupu offers a novel argument about what kinds of experiences of violence do and do not cause lasting intergenerational trauma.

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16 Apr 24

Islam and Politics in America Today

Mark Fathi Massoud discusses the historical exclusion of religious minorities in American law and society.

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11 Apr 24

Words Without Borders

Translator Samantha Schnee discusses the origins and literary contributions of Words Without Borders.

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19 Mar 24

Why Are Epidemiologists So Bad at Epidemics?

Most modern epidemics have not been diagnosed by epidemiologists but rather by other experts. Why?

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15 Mar 24

Fellow Spotlight: Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer is working on a book-length “biography” of Taiwan that combines archival research with immersive reportage.

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14 Mar 24

Black Habits of Photography

Leigh Raiford considers a range of Black archives to illuminate how photographs mediate ideas of belonging.

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12 Mar 24

The Supreme Court vs. the Administrative State

Judge David Tatel summarizes the Supreme Court's recent limitations on the authority of federal public agencies.

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12 Mar 24

Fellow Spotlight: Johannes von Moltke

Johannes von Moltke looks at the New Right’s efforts to shift the language of public discourse.

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11 Mar 24

Fellow Spotlight: Mark Copelovitch

Mark Copelovitch is exploring the causes and consequences of the US dollar’s enduring dominance in the world economy.

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