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17 Oct 18

Beyond the Lecture: Michael Sandel

Political philosopher Michael Sandel talks about the rise of populist nationalism and the future of democracy.

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17 Oct 18

Time for Action in the Western Balkans: Policy Prescriptions for American Diplomacy

Authors of a recent report by the National Committee on American Foreign Policy and the EastWest Institute highlight the need for immediate action by the US and the EU to head off conflict in the Balkans.

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16 Oct 18

Fellow Spotlight: Tung-Hui Hu

Tung-Hui Hu aims to articulate the "lethargy" of being caught inside digital systems of algorithmic control.

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11 Oct 18

Evangelicals and Trump’s Republican Party

Pulitzer-winning author Frances FitzGerald speaks with Terry McCarthy about evangelicals' relationship to Donald Trump and the future of the Republican party.

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04 Oct 18

Fellow Spotlight: Rosalind Morris

Rosalind Morris's project encompasses nearly twenty years of field research in South Africa’s gold-mining regions.

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27 Sep 18

Fellow Spotlight: Priscilla Layne

Priscilla Layne is completing work on her second book, about German Afrofuturist concepts in literature and theater.

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21 Sep 18

Fellow Spotlight: Yaa Gyasi

Writer Yaa Gyasi is working on a second novel, about "the costs of assimilation and integration on the immigrant."

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17 Sep 18

Fellow Spotlight: Alexander Galloway

Media theorist Alexander Galloway widens the prehistory of computation to include nineteenth-century media.

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14 Sep 18

Fellow Spotlight: P. Carl

Writer and dramaturg P. Carl is at the American Academy in Berlin working on a memoir of gender transition. 

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12 Sep 18

The Fall 2018 Fellows Presentation

Presenting the fellows of fall 2018, welcomed by Gereon Sievernich, curator of the Haupstadtkulturfonds.

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