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19 Oct 22

Fellow Spotlight: Alexander Rehding

Alexander Rehding asks if an exploration of the act of “listening” during an era of grave global problems is a superfluous undertaking.

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18 Oct 22

Fellow Spotlight: Suzanne L. Marchand

In her Academy project, Marchand asks: “What does it tell us about the modern historical sciences that we recognize as ‘the father of history’ a figure who has also been regularly vilified as ‘the father of lies’?”

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13 Oct 22

Starting with What’s There

Through an exploration of Studio Gang’s portfolio of work, Jeanne Gang will demonstrate how her practice uses the motto of “start with what’s there” to reveal the often-hidden potential of existing sites or buildings.

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12 Oct 22

Constructing the Right to Vote

In this talk, Joshua Sellers illustrates how voting is, in his words, “reactive” -- directed and defined by some who seek to limit the right rather than by those who advocate for it.

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21 Sep 22

The Elusive Goal of Western Partnership with Russia

In this lecture, Professor Sarotte will draw from her most recent book, "Not One Inch: America, Russia, and the Making of Post-Cold War Stalemate," to investigate what went wrong.

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20 Sep 22

Quantum Leaps in European Integration

In this talk, Barry Eichengreen explains how significant departures from the status quo ante led to deeper European integration, and asks whether and how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will prompt a similar reaction.

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12 Sep 22

Presentation of the Class of Fall 2022 Fellows

Introduction by Wolfgang Ischinger, President of the Foundation Council of the Munich Security Conference Foundation.

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30 Jun 22

Trans: Here, Now, and Hereafter

How are global ideas of gender changing in the contemporary world and in which ways can "gender" be understood as an artifact of the structures behind the modern Eurocentric worldview?

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23 Jun 22

Russia in Ukraine IV: The Aggressor’s Self-Inflicted Wounds

What might be Putin’s own assessment of his situation and what would need to happen for him to change course? What might the Russia that emerges from this war look like?

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16 Jun 22

Colonialism, Propaganda, and Postcolonial Legacies

In this talk, Dominic Thomas examines and decodes various forms of colonial representation to better understand how iconographic propaganda was instrumentalized to legitimize and enforce colonial rule.

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