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13 Dec 18

Another World Literature: New Approaches to a Literary History of East Asia

Haun Saussy proposes a new starting point for scholars of Chinese literary history.

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28 Nov 18

Masha Gessen: Democracy and Imagination

Masha Gessen on democracy, totalitarianism, and the force of political imagination.

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26 Nov 18

Art, Migration, and Human Dignity

Artist Ai Weiwei speaks with Berlin curator Gereon Sievernich about his life and work.

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15 Nov 18

Fellow Spotlight: Carina L. Johnson

Historian Carina L. Johnson is researching anti-Ottoman propaganda in sixteenth-century Germany.

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14 Nov 18

Beyond the Lecture: Elizabeth Kolbert

New Yorker staff writer Elizabeth Kolbert on the sixth extinction and state of the biosphere.

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13 Nov 18

Fellow Spotlight: Haun Saussy

Literary historian Haun Saussy is working on reconstructing the overlapping cosmopolitan worlds of premodern East Asia.

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06 Nov 18

American Lawyers: Defending Democracy and the Rule of Law

Roberta Cooper Ramo on the role and duties of American lawyers in times of crisis.

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01 Nov 18

Beyond the Lecture: Frances FitzGerald

Journalist Frances FitzGerald discusses evangelical voters in the United States.

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01 Nov 18

Beyond the Lecture: P. Carl

Writer P. Carl discusses his memoir about gender transition, Becoming a White Man.

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30 Oct 18

Rosalind Morris: The Afterlives of Gold

Rosalind Morris discusses the social and material consequences following the boom of gold mining in Southern Africa.

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