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08 Apr 21

Fellow Spotlight: Alice Goff

Alice Goff is exploring the idea that a work of art can create modern liberal society.

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07 Apr 21

The Worst American Political Violence of the Twentieth Century: The Forgotten Crisis of 1917-1921

Adam Hochschild discusses the unparalleled storm of repression and violence following the US entry into World War I.

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25 Mar 21

Fellow Spotlight: Nora M. Alter

Nora M. Alter on the late filmmaker Harun Farocki.

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25 Mar 21

Harun Farocki: Forms of Intelligence between Text and Image

Nora Alter takes a close look at filmmaker and critic Harun Farocki’s early writings.

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23 Mar 21

Age of Emergency: Colonial Violence at the End of the British Empire

Erik Linstrum discusses the networks of activists, soldiers, journalists, filmmakers, and others who bridged the gap between the conflict zones of empire and everyday life in Britain.

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18 Mar 21

Virgin Galactic and the Making of a Modern Astronaut

Nicholas Schmidle takes a closer look at the test pilots, engineers, and visionaries behind Virgin Galactic’s campaign to build a space tourism company.

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16 Mar 21

Rethink, Reset, Recalibrate: U.S.-China Relations from Donald Trump to Joe Biden

Elizabeth Economy evaluates the current status of the U.S.-China relationship and the overall strategic direction and policy priorities under a Biden administration.

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11 Mar 21

Displacement in the Horn of Africa: Racialization, Migration, and the United Nations

Nathalie Peutz examines contemporary encounters between Yemeni “refugees” and Ethiopian “migrants” in a port town of Djibouti.

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05 Mar 21

Gender, War, and Citizenship: A Transatlantic Roundtable

A transatlantic roundtable to launch the "Oxford Handbook of Gender, War, and the Western World since 1600."

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02 Mar 21

James Baldwin: The Making of an American Icon

Robert F. Reid-Pharr demonstrates how James Baldwin’s literary genius propelled him into the worldwide spotlight..

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