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08 Mar 17

The Role of Women: A discussion with Marilyn Yalom and Brenda Stevenson

On the occasion of her visit to the American Academy in Berlin, Stanford University historian Marilyn Yalom sat down with Academy fellow Brenda Stevenson, herself a historian from UCLA. Their topic was one of shared interest: women. From Abigail Adams…

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07 Mar 17

Mind of the MOUND and the Moundverse

In this talk, Trenton Doyle Hancock, a spring 2017 visual arts fellow at the American Academy in Berlin, explains that “Mound” is the name he gives to a species of magical mutated beings that reside in the forest, and he discusses his work-in-progress, a graphic novel about the "Moundverse."

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03 Mar 17

The Illusion of America First

William Drozdiak discusses the weakening of the Pax Americana that has managed global security and world trade for seven decades, the recent rise of populist nationalism in Europe, and new threats to the European Union's coherence.

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02 Mar 17

Fellow Spotlight: Adam Johnson

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Adam Johnson is at the Academy in spring 2017 to work on his next novel, in which he returns to themes key to his previous works: displacement, scarcity, resource distribution, sustainability, social organization, and war.

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20 Feb 17

Beyond the Lecture: Kati Marton

Author Kati Marton was at the Academy on the occasion of her new book, True Believer, about Soviet Communism's ideological infiltration of the US State Department in the 1930s. She sat down with us to talk about parallels to the present and the vital importance of journalism today.

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17 Feb 17

Fellow Spotlight: Harry Liebersohn

Historian Harry Liebersohn explores the globalization of culture as exemplified by music of the early twentieth-century. Berlin-based scientists, scholars, musicians, and businessmen, he argues, played no small part in making music from all over the world available to producers and consumers alike.

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17 Feb 17

Music and the Globalization of Culture

Historian Harry Liebersohn explores the globalization of culture as exemplified by music. He argues that technological innovations of the early twentieth century dramatically expanded music’s horizons by making global developments accessible to both producers and consumers for the first time.

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16 Feb 17

Reporting Human Rights: The Middle East during the Trump Administration

Janine di Giovanni, Middle East Editor of Newsweek and contributing editor of Vanity Fair, explores what is in store for the region under the Trump administration.

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14 Feb 17

Fellow Spotlight: Trenton Doyle Hancock

Texas-based artist Trenton Doyle Hancock’s intricate candy-colored prints, drawings, collaged-felt paintings, and site-specific installations work together to tell the story of the “Mounds”—bizarre mythical creatures that are the tragic protagonists of his unfolding narrative between good and evil.

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06 Feb 17

Fellow Spotlight: Aili Mari Tripp

For decades, it seemed that women’s rights in the Middle East and North Africa had fallen permanently behind other world regions. Today, that picture is rapidly changing. Political scientist Aili Mari Tripp explores the reasons for advancing women's rights in the Maghreb.

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