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17 Nov 17

Democratic Degeneration: Three Easy Paths to Regression

Philosopher Charles Taylor, the Academy's fall 2017 Fritz Stern Lecturer, on how the meaning of democracy has changed over the past two centuries—and how it's faring now.

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16 Nov 17

Beyond the Lecture: Nicholas Eberstadt

On this episode of "Beyond the Lecture," we sat down with political scientist Nicholas Eberstadt to discuss the origins and causes of the decline of work for American men, the subject of his latest book.

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13 Nov 17

Fellow Spotlight: Aglaya Glebova

Art historian Aglaya Glebova examines five iconic yet little studied projects completed by Soviet avant-garde artists in the decade following Stalin’s rise to power.

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10 Nov 17

Not Here but Everywhere: A Graphic Novel between the Middle East and Mid-West

Özge Samanci’s graphic novel follows two characters in parallel: Helen, a 40-year-old American art history professor teaching in Istanbul, and Deniz, a 25-year-old Turkish graduate student in biochemisty in Athens, Ohio.

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07 Nov 17

Populism and the Pursuit of Dignity

Political theorist Dilip Gaonkar explores the resurgence of populism across the globe in the twenty-first century, covering a wide range of political and ideological positions.

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06 Nov 17

Fellow Spotlight: Jacqueline Ross

Law professor Jacqueline Ross is completing the first sustained comparison of how the United States, Germany, Italy, and France conceptualize and regulate covert operations.

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06 Nov 17

Overlooked Crisis: The Postwar Collapse of Work for American Men

Political scientist Nicholas Eberstadt, of the American Enterprise Institute, outlines the dimensions of modern America's "Men without Work" problem, examine some of its possible causes, and discuss approaches to addressing this grave national ill.

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02 Nov 17

Fellow Spotlight: Özge Samanci

Özge Samanci's new graphic novel follows two characters: an American professor in Turkey and a Turkish graduate student in America, each of their stories transpiring in parallel.

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01 Nov 17

Fellow Spotlight: Dilip Gaonkar

Dilip Gaonkar's Academy project charts the trajectory of anti-democratic thought within the Western tradition—and looks further into the global phenomenon of populism.

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26 Oct 17

Fellow Spotlight: Thomas Chatterton Williams

Writer Thomas Chatterton Williams presents his work-in-progress, "Self-Portrait of an Ex-Black Man."

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