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24 Mar 22

Endless War: A Global Legal History

Lauren Benton traces the history of representations of “endless war” to patterns of violence in European empires, arguing that various kinds of chronic violence were structural features of the age of empire.

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23 Mar 22

The Impact Revolution

Sir Ronald Cohen discusses the leadership potential of Germany's corporate sector -- and his vision for its future.

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22 Mar 22

Art in the World – and Worlds – That We Inhabit. And Who Is We?

Olafur Eliasson discusses some of his prominent and lesser-known artworks.

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16 Mar 22

Making Headway: Exploring the World’s Challenges and the Role of Journalism through the Lens of Progress

In this talk, Kimmelman discusses his hopes to enlist a wide public, across political, social, and geographic spectrums, to help to define progress, how we measure and make it, and to imagine, collectively, a future we can hope to build.

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15 Mar 22

Curating Concerts: Classical Music between Mozart and Mahler

Christopher Gibbs discusses how music programs were curated in Germany and Austria during the so-called long nineteenth century.

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11 Mar 22

Russia in Ukraine II: The Conflict Deepens

A panel of experts convenes to discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine two weeks into the battle.

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11 Mar 22

Fellow Spotlight: Lauren Benton

Lauren Benton investigates the legal foundations of violence in European empires and how they help us understand aspects of the "war on terror."

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10 Mar 22

Lithium Futures in Chile, Argentina, and the United States

Javiera Barandiarán examines past and current debates about lithium and its extraction in North and South America.

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03 Mar 22

The Art of Betrayal: Translation in an Age of Suspicion

Tess Lewis discusses translation as an act of responsiveness and responsibility

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01 Mar 22

Russia in Ukraine: A Panel Discussion on the Crisis

The American Academy in Berlin convened a panel to discuss the crisis in Ukraine

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