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10 Nov 23

The 2023 Henry A. Kissinger Prize Honoring NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

The American Academy in Berlin awards the 2023 Henry A. Kissinger Prize to Jens Stoltenberg for outstanding congtributions to the transatlantic relationship.

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02 Nov 23

A Report from Washington: Biden, Trump and the Future of America

Washington, DC, journalists extraordinaire Susan Glasser and Peter Baker discuss the shifting American political landscape and the future of the US presidency.

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01 Nov 23

What Does Judaism Look Like? The Invention of Visual Toleration in the Enlightenment

David H. Price discusses a few early eighteenth-century artists and writers who educated Christian audiences about Judaism.

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24 Oct 23

Fellow Spotlight: Saira Mohamed

Saira Mohamed examines how international and domestic legal systems regulate states’ treatment of military service members.

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23 Oct 23

United States Strategy toward China

China expert Elizabeth Economy discusses US policy toward China and its evolution from the Trump through Biden administrations.

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19 Oct 23

Care and Capitalism

Anne-Marie Slaughter discusses how our societies, economies, and political systems might be structured anew to envelelop both care and capital.

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16 Oct 23

The 2024 Presidential Elections: A Divided US in Turmoil and Political Instability

Doug Sosnik takes a closer look at early 2024 polling data, the political dynamics driving campaign strategies, and voter groups that will likely determine the outcome.

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10 Oct 23

Ambivalent Monuments: Freedom and Slavery in Iconic American Buildings

Mabel Wilson discusses writing histories and creating spaces of remembrance based on archival materials that document America’s history of slavery.

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10 Oct 23

Fellow Spotlight: Liana Finck

Cartoonist Liana Finck is working on her sixth book, "What to Do When," a tongue-in-cheek instruction manual for living in human society.

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09 Oct 23

US Defense Strategy in an Era of Major Power Competition

Colin Kahl oversaw the drafting of the 2022 National Defense Strategy as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. In this talk, he discusses the military and security implications of China’s growing assertiveness, Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, and changing patterns of global alignment.

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