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06 Jun 23

Artist Talk: On Biodiverstiy and Beta Diversity

Artist Haley Mellin focuses on nature conservation to advocate for environmental justice and biodiversity.

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16 May 23

The Writings of May Ayim

Tiffany N. Florvil discusses her work on a biography of Black poet and activist May Ayim (1960-1996).

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15 May 23

Attention Shoppers: American Retail Capitalism and the Rise of the Amazon Economy

Kathleen Thelen traces the origins of the Amazon economy to the late nineteenth century.

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11 May 23

A Father in Berlin

Lorrie Moore’s novel-in-progress focuses on the experience of her father's boyhood trip to Nazi Germany.

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10 May 23

An Evening with Julie Taymor

Award-winning director and designer Julie Taymor offers insights into her groundbreaking work on stage and screen, in conversation with German producer and director and Academy trustee Volker Schlöndorff.

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08 May 23

The Collaborators: Three Stories of Deception and Survival in Times of War

Ian Buruma considers the confused national loyalties, ideological delusions, and sheer opportunism that can lead to collaboration in wartime.

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04 May 23

The Breath Archives: Affective Documents, Collective Memory, and the Afterlives of Femicide

Cristina Rivera Garza explores the ways in which her late sister’s personal papers breathe new life into the “archives of breathlessness” that undergird state and patriarchal violence.

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03 May 23

Climate Adaptations: Local and Global

Cymene Howe and Sophie Mok discuss the ways in which cities and communities are adapting to climate change locally and globally.

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02 May 23

Confronting the Threats of Antimicrobial Resistance

Mary Wilson addresses the importance of understanding the main drivers of antimicrobial resistance and the benefits of interventions from a One Health perspective.

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27 Apr 23

Sustaining Democracies: The Role of Conversations across Difference

Ronald Crutcher probes the forces behind the decline of conversation in Western democracies and the implications for democracy itself.

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