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29 Aug 18

Beyond the Lecture: Linda Greenhouse

Veteran new York Times Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse discusses the state of the Court and the journalist–justice rapport.

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22 May 18

Beyond the Lecture: Tricia Rose

Tricia Rose, director the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America at Brown University, on the resurgence of white supremacy in the Trump era, and the hidden perils of liberal "colorblindness." 

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25 Apr 18

Beyond the Lecture: Adam Tooze

Economic historian Adam Tooze discusses the 2008 global financial crisis—the subject of his forthcoming book, Crashed—and about German investment, US tariffs, and the fate of global trade. 

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24 Apr 18

Tricia Rose: The Hidden Perils of Resurgent White Supremacy in the Trump Era

The director of Brown University’s Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America, Tricia Rose, discusses the resurgence of white supremacist trends in the Trump era and what they mean for American society and political life in the near future.

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19 Apr 18

Kristen Renwick Monroe: Third Reich Émigrés and Traumatic Political Change

Political scientist Kristen Renwick Monroe examines two central topics of her ongoing research into international politics and moral choice during wars and genocide: first, the psychology of recognizing genocide, and second, the psychological process by which human lives are sewn back together after extreme political trauma.

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12 Apr 18

Barbara Nagel: The Terror of Flirtation from Critical Theory to #MeToo

With a hint of nostalgia, Princeton literary scholar Barbara Nagel looks back to early theories of flirtation in Critical Theory and German realism to trace the literary–historical emergence of what she terms a “terror of flirtation.”

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10 Apr 18

Michael Sandel: Trump, Populism, and the Future of Democracy

Philosopher Michael Sandel argues that before mainstream parties can hope to win back public support, they should learn from the populist protest that has displaced them.

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05 Apr 18

The Bay of Angels

Writer Carole Maso discusses her war-inflected novel-in-progress, The Bay of Angels.

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27 Mar 18

Beyond the Lecture: Keith David Watenpaugh

Keith David Watenpaugh, director of Human Rights Studies at the University of California, Davis, speaks with American Academy president Michael Steinberg.

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15 Mar 18

Fellow Spotlight: Christian Ostermann

Cold War historian Christian Ostermann is working on a biography of Markus Wolf (1923-2006), the longtime foreign intelligence chief of the German Democratic Republic.

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