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09 Dec 19

Shaping the Effects of Automation on Employment and Livelihoods in Germany: Policy Perspectives

The effects of automation on employment, incomes, and livelihoods in Germany.

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05 Dec 19

Are Democracies Dying?

Daniel Ziblatt discusses the state of liberal democracy in the world.

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22 Nov 19

Our Man: Richard Holbrooke and the End of the American Century

George Packer's new biography, OUR MAN, draws from Richard Holbrooke’s private diaries and papers to create a nonfiction narrative both intimate and epic.

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12 Nov 19

Political Cinema and the German Left

Marco Abel on German cinema of the political Left after 1968.

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07 Nov 19

The Effects of Automation on Employment, Inequality, and Livelihoods in Germany

How are Germany's government and businesses responding to the effects of automation on the quality and quantity of jobs in the country?

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06 Nov 19

Fellow Spotlight: Suki Kim

Writer Suki Kim is working on a book about the consequences of war and the future of the divided Koreas.

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05 Nov 19

Can Democracy Tame Twentieth-Century Capitalism?

Steven Klein on the thought of Karl Polanyi and the democratic transformation of the capitalist economy.

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31 Oct 19

Fellow Spotlight: Tatyana Gershkovich

Tantyana Gershkovich focuses on Tolstoy's legacy among Russian émigrés in Berlin as they struggled for community.

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28 Oct 19

Fellow Spotlight: Marco Abel

Marco Able is working on a history of lesser-known political cinema of the German Left.

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23 Oct 19

Fellow Spotlight: Laura D’Andrea Tyson

Laura D’Andrea Tyson asks what the United States can learn from Germany in coping with the automation of work.

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