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28 May 19

Putin’s World

Angela Stent discusses her latest book, "Putin's World: Russia Against the West and with the Rest."

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20 May 19

Technology and Data in the Health and Automotive Industries

Sandra E. Peterson and Manfred Bischoff discuss digitalization in the health and automotive industries.

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16 May 19

Insurance against Total Destruction: East and West German Plans to Save Civilization

Jennifer Allen discusses preparations for the end of world in Cold War Germany.

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15 May 19

Beyond the Lecture: Anne Finger on Disability and the Politics of Memory

Writer Anne Finger visits the site of a former Nazi psychiatric facility, only to find it forgotten.

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08 May 19

Monuments of Nature from Berlin to the Americas

Jared Farmer approaches the global history of conservation through monumental trees.

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01 May 19

Translation and Sexual Safety

considers the untranslatability of sexual safety as both concept and legislated practice.

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24 Apr 19

Fellow Spotlight: Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen discusses East and West German plans for surviving possible catastrophe.

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15 Apr 19

Beyond the Lecture: Wang Lu

Composer and pianist Wang Lu was born in the Xi’an, China, the country’s ancient capital. Brought up in a musical family with strong Chinese opera and folk music traditions, her compositions are inspired by both of these forms, and fused…

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09 Apr 19

The Written World: Storytelling from Mesopotamia to the Moon

Stories are much more than entertainment—they shape our world. They have inspired the rise and fall of empires and nations, sparked our understandings of basic political and philosophical concepts, and given rise to religious beliefs. In this talk, Martin Puchner, author…

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04 Apr 19

Populism, Fascism, and the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s

The American Ku Klux Klan is familiar to many: after the Civil War, it formed in the southern states as a masked terrorist group devoted to maintaining white supremacy and ensuring cheap sharecropper labor. But few know about the “second…

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