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25 Oct 17

Fellow Spotlight: Peter Schmelz

Musicologist Peter Schmelz analyzes how, despite ideological rifts, music exchange between West Germany and the USSR flourished along unofficial and semi-official networks during the Cold War.

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25 Oct 17

The Future of International Law in an Age of Trump

In her talk, Karen Alter addresses the question: Can the current international liberal order, defined by political commitment to multilateralism, human rights, and the rule of law, survive in an age of Trump?

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19 Oct 17

Fellow Spotlight: Kira Thurman

Anna-Maria Kellen Fellow Kira Thurman, an assistant professor of history and Germanic languages and literatures at the University of Michigan, traces the history of black classical musicians in Central Europe from the 1870s to the 1960s.

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17 Oct 17

Running after Du Bois

Columbia University professor Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak considers W.E.B. Du Bois in the great diversity of his positions—from the American “Negro” all the way to global communism and Pan-Africanism, with reference to his literary and autobiographical works.

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16 Oct 17

Beyond the Lecture: Roger Cohen

On this edition of "Beyond the Lecture," we sat down with New York Times columnist Roger Cohen to discuss the era of Trump and, more personally, his thoughts on the importance of the transatlantic alliance.

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12 Oct 17

Barriers to Integration: Is Islam in Western Europe Like Race in the United States?

Sociologist Nancy Foner explores why Islam has become a more significant cleavage between immigrants and the majority population in Western Europe than it has in the United States.

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10 Oct 17

Towards a New Balkans Diplomacy

More than twenty years after the Dayton Accords, Europe’s most unstable region is still rife with ethnic conflict, territorial disputes, religious extremism, and political and economic stalemate. This panel discussion of international experts addresses pathways towards a new Balkans diplomacy.

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09 Oct 17

Fellow Spotlight: Nancy Foner

Distinguished Professor of Sociology Nancy Foner is an expert on the comparative study of immigration, examining how massive post-1965 immigration has been reshaping the United States.

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03 Oct 17

R.I.P. The Postwar Order (1945-2017): An Assessment of Trump’s World

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen argues that President Donald Trump’s contempt for the foundations of the postwar order has many US allies, including Germany and Canada, suggesting they no longer trust American leadership and need to look out for themselves.

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29 Sep 17

Fellow Spotlight: A.L. Steiner

At the American Academy, multimedia artist A.L. Steiner will work on her first artist monograph, for which she plans to utilize digital print-on-demand systems, as well as biodegradable and post-consumer supply-chain materials.

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