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05 Nov 20

The US Presidential Election and the Future of Democracy

A virtual panel discussion the future of US democracy following the 2020 presidential election.

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29 Oct 20

Translation as Storytelling

Susan Bernofsky discusses the art and craft of translating works from the modern German canon into English.

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28 Oct 20

A Possible Biden Agenda for Europe

How would a Biden administration approach its Europe policy? Former US ambassador to the European Union Anthony L. Gardner explains.

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26 Oct 20

Rethinking the Transatlantic: The US Elections and Challenges to a Sustainable Transatlantic Partnership

Four transatlantic policy experts discuss the European–American partnership in light of the 2020 US elections.

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19 Oct 20

The Pandemic and Politics in America

Political scientist Lynn Vavreck discusses the 2020 presidential race and its policy implications in light of the global pandemic.

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16 Oct 20

Fifty-One Imperfect Solutions: States and the Making of American Constitutional Law

Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton is looking at the ways in which state constitutional law has affected both state and federal law.

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15 Oct 20

US Policy in the Middle East: Past, Present, and Future

Philip H. Gordon discusses the history of US intervention in the Middle East and what may lie ahead for American policy in the region, whether under a Republican or Democratic president.

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05 Oct 20

American Diplomacy and the Post-Pandemic World

Ambassador William J. Burns discusses American diplomacy in a post-pandemic environment.

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01 Oct 20

The U.S. 2020 Elections: Trump Redux or Change?

David Brady outlines the forces determining Trump’s chances in the upcoming presidential election.

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25 Sep 20

Washington Disrupted: Trump, the Election, and What Comes Next

Susan Glasser discusses the upcoming US presidential election and what it means for American international leadership.

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