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19 Apr 22

The Marshall Plan: Dawn of the Cold War

The Marshall Plan—the costly and ambitious initiative to revive Western Europe after World War II—marked the true beginning of the Cold War, argues Benn Steil. Using new Russian and American archival material, Steil shows that it was only after the launch of the 1947 plan “that both sides . . . became irrevocably committed to…

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13 Apr 22

Keynote: Ambassador Amy Gutmann

Dr. Amy Gutmann, U.S. Ambassador to Germany, was the keynote speaker at this year’s Richard C. Holbrooke Workshop, “Democracy Support in an Era of Democratic Erosion: A Transatlantic Discussion,” led by spring 2022 Berlin Prize Fellow Michael J. Abramowitz. Since it was established in 2013 in memory of the Academy’s founder, the annual Workshop aims…

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12 Apr 22

Russia in Ukraine III: Cauldron of a Nation

How should we understand Ukraine’s extraordinary determination? What affect is the war having on citizens' sense of national identity and historical understanding?

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07 Apr 22

Rethinking Work: Meeting the Challenges of the Robot and AI Revolution

In this talk, Benjamin Friedman discusses whether the next generation of workers faces a genuine threat from advancing workplace technology.

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07 Apr 22

Fellow Spotlight: Damián Fernández

Damián Fernández undertakes a reassessment of how historians and modern political theorists have approached the question of government and the formation of polities during the transitions from Antiquity to the Middle Ages – focusing specifically on the Visigothic Kingdom of Toledo (507-711 CE).

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06 Apr 22

Law, Order, and Inequality in Global Political Economy

In this lecture, David Kennedy investigates the current global role of law.

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05 Apr 22

More Than Jewels: A Judeo–⁠Muslim Potential History

Ariella Aïsha Azoulay questions the double disappearance of Jews from North Africa and the history of French colonization in Algeria.

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31 Mar 22

Aggressive War, Atrocity, and the Verbrecherstaat

Lawrence Douglas explores how the competing understandings of the core crimes of the criminal state has worked to form--and deform--the emerging fabric of international criminal law.

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30 Mar 22

Freedom in the Future: Towards a Transatlantic Approach to the Global Threat of Authoritarianism

In this lecture, Michael J. Abramowitz discusses why protecting democracy and combating authoritarianism must be a shared responsibility.

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25 Mar 22

Fellow Spotlight: Lawrence Douglas

Lawrence Douglas offers a synthetic understanding of law’s response to the worst human rights violations.

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