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12 Jun 24

Foreign policy seldom plays much of a role in American presidential elections, but the consequences of those contests can be profound for America’s allies in Europe and for the world. The 2024 election will have significant implications for American foreign policy, whatever the outcome. To discuss how the election results are likely to influence America’s global relationships — and particularly those with Germany and Europe — the European Council on Foreign Relations’ Majda Ruge and Jeremy Shapiro join Academy president Daniel Benjamin for an examination of the foreign policy implications of the 2024 US elections.

This online event is part of the Road to Election 2024 digital event series, running from January 2024 to January 2025. The series hosts in-depth discussions and fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas in the lead-up to the pivotal 2024 US election. A collaboration of over 25 transatlantic organizations and political foundations, the series aims to inform, engage in dynamic dialogues, and champion democratic values by presenting a variety of perspectives. Events will feature prominent researchers, policymakers, commentators, and civil society representatives in differing formats and across a wide array of topics. From public polling and media impact to electoral demographics, the future of US democracy, and pressing policy issues such as trade and immigration, the Road to Election 2024 series aims to offer comprehensive insights for audiences in both the United States and Germany.

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