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In the Red

By Steven Klein
Democracy in an age of debt

Empathic Wit

by Azade Seyhan
A renewed need for the genius of Heinrich Heine

Some Observations on the United States Presidency

by Gerhard Casper
A Constitutional law scholar on the separation of powers.

The Organs of Sense

by Adam Ehrlich Sachs
An excerpt from Adam Sachs's novel about G.W. Leibniz and his encounter with a blind astronomer.

World Literature

by Martin Puchner
The curious history of a German-American idea

Secular Sacred Groves

by Jared Farmer
Ancient trees in modern times

Beat Knowledge

by Ronald Radano
We are all African, when we listen.


by George T. Frampton
The cap-and-trade mechanism of taxing and regulating greenhouse-gas fuels has been stalled in the US since 2010. It's now making a comeback.

Unexceptional Politics

by Emily Apter
A critical meditation on the trials and tribulations of deliberative democracy now

Bigger Profits, Slower Growth

by Herman Mark Schwartz
What are the possible economic causes of populist politics? Begin with the recent development of disintegrated supply chains.

The Young Man Who Sells Antiques

by Jesse Ball
A short story about a red bird

Artist Portfolio: Lucy Raven

Text by Pavel Pyś
Artist Lucy Raven is cinematically drawn to the scientific and industrial worlds of the American West

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