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The Tide Was Always High

by Josh Kun
Music and musicians from Latin America are an inextricable part of the development of Los Angeles as a modern musical city.

Artist Portfolio: Ran Ortner

Luscious large-scale paintings of the foaming sea, inspired by a lifetime of surfing.

The Horizontal City

by Michael P. Steinberg
Reflections on Berlin as the horizontalization of New York

Trump and Transatlantic Security

A discussion between Stephen Hadley and Christoph Heusgen New challenges and old grievances have put…

The Mythology of the Sectarian Middle East

by Ussama Makdisi
Divisions within, divisions without

Democratic Degeneration: Three Easy Paths to Regression

by Charles Taylor
A celebrated philosopher discusses what's ailing democratic polities in the West

Performing Sound

An interview with sound artist Raven Chacon

Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine

by Norman Naimark
A review of Anne Applebaum's new book, about the devastating Ukrainian famine of 1932-33.

The Future of International Law in an Age of Trump

by Karen Alter
How stable is the post-WWII international liberal order?

Crescent among the Stars

by Nancy Foner
Is it harder being Muslim in Western Europe than in the United States?

Germany and the USA between Volk and Bevölkerung

By Michael P. Steinberg
A meditation upon the differences between "Dem deutschen Volke" and "We the People."

In a Name

by Thomas Chatterton Williams
In this new short story, New York Times Magazine writer Thomas Chatterton Williams details writing in Paris and falling in love, having a mixed-race toddler, and time in Sweden.

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