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The Laws of War

by Peter Holquist
How the Russian Empire helped to create the laws of war

The Origins Myth

by Fred M. Donner
The myths and material origins of early Islam


by Joshua Yaffa
An encounter with Russia's unfinished past, as told by the New Yorker's Moscow correspondent

Mobilizing Fear

by Carina L. Johnson
Propagandizing German–Ottoman conflict in the sixteenth century

The Absent Epic

by Haun Saussy
Epics, China, and the politics of narrative

Truckstops on the Information Superhighway

by Tung-Hui Hu
Ant Farm’s 1970 “Truckstop Network” was borne of the idea that one could reverse the dreary flow of information by taking it into one’s own hands.

Death and the Miner

by Rosalind C. Morris
For more than a century, the gold mines of South Africa were the sparkling center of a nation. Today, itinerant migrant miners scavenge their ruins.

Revitalizing Public Discourse

by Michael Sandel
Populism, Trump, and the future of democracy

Out of This World

by Priscilla Layne
Whence Afro-German Afrofuturism?

Becoming a White Man in the Theater

by P. Carl
"I have gone through a gender transition. I joined a club. I became a white man."

Lose Your Tail

by Josh Kun
The 2018 commencement speech to graduates of Bard College Berlin

Listening through the Iron Curtain

by Peter Schmelz
An intimate history of musical exchange

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