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The Spring 2021 Program

Did the Iranian Revolution prohibit intimacy? How diverse was the Roman Empire? Is the US electoral system in need of reform? Why did Virgin Galactic decide to go to space — and how did they get there? And how did Germany regain its pilfered artworks after the Napoleonic Wars? Join us for these and other engaging lecture topics by our spring 2021 fellows and Distinguished Visitors. Download the spring 2021 program here, and be sure to register for events online.

Cover image: Jakob Mattner: Der ferne Klang / The Distant Sound, 2018; Schellack und Acryl auf Siam Papier (Maulbeerbaumrinde) /
shellac and acrylic on Siamese paper (Mulberry bark), 50 x 50 cm. Copyright Lea Gryze. Courtesy of the Artist and Gallery Michael Haas.

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