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Berlin Journal 32

Issue 32 of the Berlin Journal opens with a focus on “extraction and its afterlives,” with essays by fellows Rosalind C. Morris, Ronald Radano, Herman Mark Schwartz, Emily Apter, and Priscilla Layne, and by Distinguished Visitor Michael Sandel. Feature articles are by Tung-Hui Hu, on the pre-history of cloud computing; P. Carl on becoming a white man; Fred M. Donner on the material origins of Islam; Haun Saussy and Martin Puchner on world literature; a short story by Jesse Ball; and sorties into German, Russian, and Ottoman histories by Carina L. Johnson, Peter Holquist, and Joshua Yaffa. There’s also an artist portfolio by Lucy Raven, and alumni book reviews by the New York Times’ John Rockwell, on a new translation of Döblin’s Berlin Alexanderplatz, and Christina Schwenkel on Esra Ackcan’s new book Open Architecture. (Cover image by artist Kim Keever.)

Download the full PDF of Berlin Journal 32.

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