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The Fall 2019 Berlin Journal

The thirty-third issue of the Berlin Journal features a suite of related essays on the fragility and composition of democracy: Daniel Ziblatt and Steven Levitsky on How Democracies Die; Steven Klein on the role of debt in post-WWII democracies; and Laura D’Andrea Tyson on how Germany is successfully navigating the automation of its industrial sector. Plus, fiction by Adam Ehrlich Sachs, Angela Flournoy, and Paul La Farge; Suki Kim on her reporting from North Korea; artwork by Renée Green; and essays on literary history by Azade Seyhan, Tatyana Gershkovich, and Liliane Weissberg, along with several essays from the June 2019 Andrew W. Mellon workshop.

Download the PDF of Issue 33 of the Berlin Journal.

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