Where Fruit Flies Fear To Tread

Where Fruit Flies Fear to Tread

by Kate Brown
In the first two decades that followed the Chernobyl explosion, the Zone of Alienation was off-limits to all but employees and scientists working in the fenced-off region. Many thought of it as the darkest spot on earth. But this picture changed after 2002, when the Ukrainian government opened the zone to a limited, permitted tourism.
Life Without Authority

Life Without Authority

by Michael J. Watts
It is hard to exaggerate the devastation that Boko Haram has unleashed upon vast tracts of the northeast of Nigeria since 2009 and the horror it has wrought by attacks across the country’s Muslim north, including in major cities such as Kano, and the capital, Abuja.
Irredentist Chic

Irredentist Chic

by Virág Molnár
Right-wing radicalism has been on the rise across Europe as evidenced by the growing popularity of populist-nationalist parties like Front National in France, or the UKIP in the UK, and is likely to increase further in the wake of the current European refugee and migrant crisis.


by Jennifer R. Davis
If we could imagine standing in Rome around the year 500 CE, as the old empire had been gradually replaced by new kingdoms, we would see a world in transition.


by Tom Franklin
In this short story from 2010, the New York Times bestselling author of Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter Tom Franklin thinks about why quitting your job might be a good idea.
Artist Portfolio

Artist Portfolio

Daniel Joseph Martinez
There’s always a problem with Daniel Joseph Martinez’s artwork, one attended by the perpetual question, “Just who or what is the subject here?” To ask this question is exactly the point.


by Ioana Uricaru
Excerpt from a screen play. Moji is a US immigration official; Mara is a Romanian woman who has recently married an American, after having known him for only two months. Moji is in charge of her greencard application.
To Stop The War

To Stop the War

by Mary Ellen Carroll and Mohammad Attar
Berlin-based exiled Syrian playwright Mohammad Al Attar spoke with conceptual artist and spring 2016 Academy fellow Mary Ellen Carroll about the theater as a political form of art and about the current situation in Syria.
The Great Departure : Mass Migration From Eastern Europe And The Making Of The Free World

The Great Departure : Mass Migration from Eastern Europe and the Making of the Free World

by Jeremy King
A book review of alumna Tara Zara's recent book which explores how debates about and experiences of emigration shaped competing ideals of freedom in Eastern Europe and "the West" over the course of one hundred years.
Life Breaks In: A Mood Almanack

Life Breaks In: A Mood Almanack

by David Lazar
A book review of alumna Mary Cappello's book on mood, and how it works in and with us as complicated, imperfectly self-knowing beings existing in a world that impinges and infringes on us, but also regularly suffuses us with beauty and joy and wonder.

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