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Angela Merkel Receives the Henry A. Kissinger Prize

Since 2007, the Henry A. Kissinger Prize has been awarded annually to a renowned American or German figure in the field of international diplomacy. This year, the American Academy in Berlin is proud to have awarded the Henry A. Kissinger Prize to Chancellor Angela Merkel. Remarks were delivered by former Secretaries of State Henry A. Kissinger and John F. Kerry, and, by video message, former US President George W. Bush. Past recipients of the prize include Chancellors Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Kohl, President George H.W. Bush, and Senator John McCain.

The Henry A. Kissinger Prize recognizes Chancellor Merkel for her outstanding moral and political leadership in more than three decades of public service, her principled policies for shaping a resilient European Union, and her strong support of the transatlantic alliance.

Dr. Henry A. Kissinger stated: “I am delighted that Chancellor Merkel has been designated honoree of this prize for a number of reasons: her decisive role in shaping an increasingly integrated Europe; her effective steering of Europe’s most powerful economy through the turbulent financial crisis; her fervent backing of the Atlantic alliance in the face of domestic headwinds; and her confronting, head-on, the most challenging wave of migration in a generation. But foremost, this prize recognizes Chancellor Merkel’s unfailing role in fostering robust transatlantic dialogue during the course of three very different American presidential administrations. Her promotion of frank and principled policy discussions throughout is both commendable and inimitable.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel stated: “I will always, wherever I am, and for a while longer as German chancellor, continue to advocate for good, intensive, values-based transatlantic relations, and this medal, this award, energizes me in this work.” (Read Chancellor Merkel’s remarks in German on the Bundesregierung website.)

George W. Bush stated: “Angela Merkel is a courageous leader who serves the German people with vision and strength. She has remained a steady hand in turbulent times. And as President, I was comforted by her friendship. We congratulate her as she accepts this honor.”

John F. Kerry stated: “Chancellor Merkel set the bar for courage, determination, and boldness in the first decades of her country’s history in this century, much the way Chancellor Kohl did in the final decades of the last one. If reunifying Germany was Kohl’s immutable legacy, then holding Europe together at a time of enormous challenge is forever Merkel’s mark—a defender of the liberal order, always pointing her compass towards a more peaceful, prosperous, just, and sustainable future, no matter the odds or obstacles. She will always have my admiration and respect.”

The prize ceremony, attended by 300 invited guests and members of the press, was made possible by the generous support of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Robert Bosch GmbH, and Cerberus Deutschland Beteiligungsberatung GmbH.

Photos: Annette Hornischer

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