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15 Dec 20

What was like to be the first black person at an all-white private school in the American South? The very first, that is. In this episode, we explore this question through the work of investigative journalist and fall 2020 Holtzbrinck fellow, Mosi Secret, who’s currently writing a book about a philanthropic initiative to integrate black children into elite Southern schools in the 1960s and ’70s. We also invite Secret to consider his own experience as part of a black minority at a similar school in Atlanta in the 1990s. Did the first generation make it any easier for those who followed?

Host: R. Jay Magill; Producer: Tony Andrews with help from Denise Gamon; Special thanks to Nisha Simama; Music: “Mystery Blues” by Squire Tuck, “Jolenta Clears the Table” by Doctor Turtle, “Distilled'” by Nctrnm, “Meekness” by Kai Engel, “Midnight in the Green House” by Kevin MacLeod, and “Chad Crouch” by The Pond Instrumental.

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