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Hari Kunzru
Paul La Farge
Brian Ladd
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Charles Lane
The Washington Post
Jonathan Laurence
Boston College
Priscilla Layne
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Adrian Nicole LeBlanc
Kenneth Ledford
Case Western Reserve University
Robert S. Leiken (1939-2017)
Center for the National Interest
Wendy Lesser
The Threepenny Review
Lawrence Lessig
Harvard University
Jonathan Lethem
Pomona College
Nathaniel Levtow
University of Montana
Evonne Levy
University of Toronto
David L. Lewis
New York University
Wai-Yee Li
Harvard University
Harry Liebersohn
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Stephan D. Lindeman
Brigham Young University School of Music
Peter Lindseth
University of Connecticut School of Law
Susie Linfield
New York University
Brian McAllister Linn
Texas A&M University
Erik Linstrum
University of Virginia
Béatrice M. Longuenesse
New York University
Michèle Lowrie
University of Chicago
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