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Photo: Annette Frick

Journalist and Architecture Critic, California

Berlin Prize Fellow - Class of Fall 1998

Diana Ketcham, a renowned architecture critic, was a Berlin Prize Fellow at the American Academy in Berlin from September to December 1998. In the past, Ketcham has worked as an editor for New York magazine, and as a book and architecture critic for the Oakland Tribune. She regularly publishes articles in the New York Times, The Nation, New Republic, and in architectural magazines. In 1990, she won the Manufacturers Hanover Award for Architectural Criticism, and in 1995 was awarded the Book Prize of the American Institute of Architects. Ketcham has written two books, The Désert de Retz: The Architecture of the Imagination (1997) and The de Young in the 21st Century: A Museum by Herzog & de Meuron (2005).

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