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18 Mar 19

His Left Foot: Joseph Goebbels and the Uses of Disability

Writer Anne Finger on the Nazi uses of disability.

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12 Mar 19

Fellow Spotlight: Martin Puchner

Literary historian Martin Pucher is working on a history of Rotwelsch, an unwritten European language of thieves.

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05 Mar 19

Fellow Spotlight: Lucy Raven

Artist Lucy Raven is working on "Remote Location," a film about the Enola Gay, filmed in Utah.

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05 Mar 19

Frank-Walter Steinmeier: Über Demokratie und Vernunft

German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier on the dependence of democracy upon reason.

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01 Mar 19

Carbon Pricing: The Future of US Climate Change Policy

George Frampton considers what national US policymakers might learn from others’ efforts in addressing climate change.

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28 Feb 19

Fellow Spotlight: Anne Finger

California-based writer Anne Finger is currently crafting essays about disability in Berlin.

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20 Feb 19

States, Societies, and the Control of Contagion in China and India

Prerna Singh argues that the adoption of medical advances lies in their embedding in familiar contexts.

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18 Feb 19

Fellow Spotlight: George T. Frampton

George T. Frampton is looking into how businesses in Europe are involved in shaping national climate policy.

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15 Feb 19

The World As It Is: A Memoir of the Obama White House

Ben Rhodes talks about his eight years as President Obama's speechwriter and deputy national security advisor.

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14 Feb 19

The Laws of War and Their Russian Origins

Historian Peter Holquist discusses late nineteenth-century efforts to codify the laws of war.

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