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Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Party
Academy supporters, donors, and friends commemorated a quarter-century of fostering transatlantic bonds in the arts, scholarship, and public policy.
The TIME 100
Three Academy alumna are on TIME's 100 list of most influential people.
Cristina Rivera Garza Wins a Pulitzer
The Academy congratulates spring 2023 alumna Cristina Rivera Garza.

Recent Videos & Podcasts

Fellow Spotlight: Johannes von Moltke
Johannes von Moltke looks at the New Right’s efforts to shift the language of public discourse.
Fellow Spotlight: Mark Copelovitch
Mark Copelovitch is exploring the causes and consequences of the US dollar’s enduring dominance in the world economy.
Fellow Spotlight: Leigh Raiford
Leigh Raiford is studying photographs made by Black American activists and artists who traveled the world for study, work, or movement building.
Fellow Spotlight: Samantha Schnee
Samantha Schnee is working on a translation of "In Winter Lights," the first novel by Berlin-based Basque writer Irati Elorrieta.
Fellow Spotlight: Noam Lupu
Noam Lupu looks at how political violence shapes the political identities of victims and their descendants.
Fellow Spotlight: Adam D. Weinberg
Former Whitney director Adam D. Weinberg is researching contemporary artists's creation of sacred spaces.
Fellow Spotlight: Heidi Julavits
Writer Heidi Julavits attempts to redefine memoir as an act of personal, philosophical, and ideological investigation.
Fellow Spotlight: Margaret Weir
Political scientist Margaret Weir asks, "Why does place continue to impose burdens on opportunity?"
Fellow Spotlight: James Shapiro
James Shapiro is writing a book about the only federal theater ever founded in the United States.
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