01 Feb 18

Nina Maria Gorrissen Lecture

Lampedusa: Island of Muslim-Christian Trust, 1200–1700

Amy Remensnyder offers a historical perspective on the contemporary refugee crisis by tracing the genealogy of the outsized role played by Lampedusa and other small Mediterranean islands....

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13 Feb 18

Siemens Lecture

A Brief History of Anti-Sectarianism in the Arab World

Historian Ussama Makdisi discusses the now-obscured Arab tradition of anti-sectarianism, which promotes a cohesive and emancipated political community that transcends religious difference....

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13 Mar 18

Marcus Bierich Lecture in the Humanities

The 2008 Global Crisis: Approaches to a Future History

Business historian Adam Tooze says it is not too early to write the broader history of a global crisis that many have identified as an epochal break in the post-Cold War era....

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