02 May 17

Daimler Lecture

Mendelssohn, Kant, and Freedom of Religion

Philosopher Paul Guyer discusses Enlightenment philosophers Moses Mendelssohn and Immanuel Kant, whose defenses of religious liberty differed in several key ways....

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Nina Maria Gorrissen Lecture

Science and the Romantic Vision

After the final defeat of Napoleon, the nation-state began to reflect concepts of freedom and unity that contrasted with earlier political thought. This dynamic perspective influenced the era’s lead...

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09 May 17

Holtzbrinck Lecture

Discriminating Data

That the Internet creates "echo chambers" has become a truism – a fact revealed most recently in the political effects of fake news. Rather than swimming in boundless cyberspace, we seem trapped in ...

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10 May 17

The US Embassy Literature Series

Reading from Her Novel-in-Progress, The After Party

Writer and fiction fellow Molly Antopol reads from her work and discusses the research she’s undertaking in her new novel, The After Party....

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International Conference on Migration

The Impossible Order: Europe, Power, and the Search for a New Migration Regime

Since the end of the Cold War, migration within and to Europe has changed fundamentally. As a response, the EU has developed a system that sharply distinguishes between internal freedom of movement an...

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Head-to-Head: A Meeting of Inspired Minds

Life after the Chernobyl Disaster: Human Survival in Times of Ecological Crises

Historian and Academy fellow Kate Brown and renowned technology-assessment expert Armin Grunwald discuss Chernnobyl and human adaptivity at Hospitalhof Stuttgart....

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15 May 17

The US Embassy Literature Series

Reading from Fortune Smiles and Work-in-Progress

Adam Johnson, the Holtzbrinck Fellow in Fiction at the American Academy, reads from his novel Fortune Smiles and from his work-in-progress....

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17 May 17

Inga Maren Otto Concert and Sound Installation

telix: a sound installation and performance series

Inga Maren Otto Fellow in Music Composition Thessia Machado presents a sound composition for wall mounted, photo-sensitive sound modules, conducted by light patterns from a graphic score traveling on ...

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18 May 17

Head-to-Head: A Meeting of Inspired Minds

Network Science, Segregation, and the Emergence of Political Extremes

This conversation, between Holtzbrinck Fellow Wendy Hui Kyong Chun and digital media scholar Nishant Shah, will examine the resonances between physical and virtual segregation—the creation of of vir...

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23 May 17

Fritz Stern Lecture

Protecting and Preserving Quality News and Information

Jill Abramson, the former executive editor of the New York Times and a passionate lifelong journalist, will outline why journalism must be protected and supported....

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