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24 Apr 18

Marcus Bierich Lecture in the Humanities

The Hidden Perils of Resurgent White Supremacy in the Trump Era

Sociologist Tricia Rose discusses the resurgence of white supremacist trends in the Trump era and what they mean for American society and political life in the near future....

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03 May 18

Lloyd Cutler Lecture

Can the US Supreme Court Save America?

New York Times veteran Supreme Court correspondent Linda Greenhouse asks: Is the current US Supreme Court Trump’s enabler or the firewall that protects the US from presidential overreach?...

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Inga Maren Otto Concert

Concert: Raven Chacon, Laura Ortman, and William Fowler Collins

An evening concert with Raven Chacon, Laura Ortman, and William Fowler Collins...

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Head-to-Head: A Meeting of Inspired Minds

When Conscience Calls: Portraits of Moral Courage

Political scientist Kristen Renwick Monroe explores the idea of moral courage through interviews she conducted with fifty individuals....

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15 May 18

John P. Birkelund Lecture

The Humanities in an Age of Disenchantment

Historian Paul Reitter explores the emergence of the German idea of “the humanities in crisis,” its historical causes and dissemination, and its presence in the fraught discussion of the humanitie...

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Daimler Lecture in the Humanities

On the Road: A Search for American Character

Actress and writer Anna Deavere Smith discusses her work....

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22 May 18

Axel Springer Lecture

Markus Wolf: Biographical Approaches

Christian Ostermann discusses his work on a biography of Markus Wolf, the former head of the foreign intelligence division of the East German Stasi....

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