11 Sep 17

The US Embassy Literature Series

Grouse County

At this reading, Drury will read selections from his trilogy of novels, The End of Vandalism, Hunts in Dreams, and Pacific, which Klett-Cotta will publish in German as a single volume, Grouse County, ...

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The Berlin Prize

Presentation of the Fall 2017 Fellows

The twice-annual welcoming of Berlin Prize Fellows to the American Academy in Berlin....

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26 Sep 17

Mary Ellen von der Heyden Reading

Movement: A Novel in Progress

V.V. Ganeshananthan will read from her novel in progress, Movement, which draws on a decade of research on the Sri Lankan civil war, as well as her experience as a member of the Sri Lankan Tamil diasp...

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John W. Kluge Lecture

R.I.P. The Postwar Order (1945-2017): An Assessment of Trump’s World

In this lecture, New York Times columnist Roger Cohen argues that President Donald Trump’s contempt for the foundations of the postwar order has many US allies, including Germany and Canada, suggest...

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Ellen Maria Gorrissen Lecture

Fighting Crapitalism: An Artist Talk

In this talk, multimedia artist A.L. Steiner argues that “crapitalism,” her barbed neologism, has spurred a global crisis through environmental destruction and dark ideological underpinnings: lyin...

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Berthold Leibinger Lecture

Barriers to Integration: Is Islam in Western Europe Like Race in the United States?

In this lecture, Nancy Foner explores why Islam has more significantly divided immigrants and the majority population in Western Europe than color-coded race has in the United States....

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23 Oct 17
25 Oct 17

Foreign Policy Forum

The Future of International Law in an Age of Trump

In her talk, Karen J. Alter looks at the history of international law and draws on numerous social science studies to argue that President Trump’s policy positions are neither a major break from pas...

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26 Oct 17

Anna-Maria Kellen Lecture

Listening through the Iron Curtain: Musical Exchange between Russia, Ukraine, and West Germany during the Cold War

Despite ideological rifts, music exchange between West Germany and the USSR flourished along unofficial and semi-official networks during the Cold War....

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