Refugees And The Political Crisis Of Our Time
Refugees and the Political Crisis of Our Time
The president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee on the fate of refugees as "the political crisis of our time."
Panel Discussion: US-German Relations One Year Later
Panel Discussion: US-German Relations One Year Later
Five experts on US-European and US-German relations convened at the American Academy for a panel discussion on Trump and transatlantic security.
The Winter 2018 Program
The Winter 2018 Program
The winter 2018 program, featuring lectures, artist talks, and discussions on topics of transatlantic importance by Academy fellows and Distinguished Visitors of the spring 2018 class.

We must fight for transatlantic institutions like the American Academy in Berlin, which forges and preserves the bonds that help keep the free world vibrant, safe, and decent. – Roger Cohen, New York Times columnist and American Academy alumnus

I found my time at the American Academy to be an enormously rich intellectual experience. – Thomas Friedman

The American Academy in Berlin, located directly on Lake Wannsee, resides in one of the most beautiful properties in Berlin and organizes some of the most interesting events in the German capital. – Cicero Magazine

The American Academy in Berlin is the world’s most important center for American intellectual life outside the United States.  Der Spiegel

Transatlantic partnership at a high intellectual level, in the style of mutual respect.
— Süddeutsche Zeitung​

Given the temper of our times, the Academy’s role is more important in 2017 than even my husband might have imagined in 1994. — Kati Marton, Author and Journalist

It is difficult to imagine a more inspirational, daring, and rewarding place to engage the mind than the salon on the Wannsee. — The Washington Post

A convivial setting for interaction with colleagues in different disciplines who draw one another out in ways that cannot be foreseen. — Hal Foster, Princeton University

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