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13 Nov 20

There are few novelists who made more of an impact on twentieth-century German literature than Thomas Mann. His works have been translated into over thirty languages and remain the subject of much debate. On today’s podcast, we bring together two scholars who have made Mann’s life and literary output the focus of their academic concerns: Susan Bernofsky, a fall 2020 fellow and professor of writing at Columbia University, and Veronika Fuechtner, a spring 2020 fellow professor of German at Dartmouth College. As Fuechtner continues work on a project about Mann’s maternal Brazilian heritage, Bernofsky is currently translating Mann’s 1924 masterpiece, The Magic Mountain. Their resulting discussion is alive with passion and curiosity for Thomas Mann’s private life and unique literary inventiveness.

Host: R. Jay Magill
Producer, Editor: Denise Gamon
Image: Büste von Thomas Mann (1969), by Ulla Scholl (1919-2011). Photograph by Manfred Eberlein.

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