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11 May 20

In this episode of “Beyond the Lecture,” cultural anthropologists Dominic Boyer (spring 2020 Axel Springer Fellow) and Cymene Howe, both of Rice University, reveal some insights from their recent research into Iceland’s ancient traditions. What they found has profound implications for how we view grief, the future, and the way we come to terms with an increasingly shared sense of precariousness.

We have to do something by Komiku;
Mystery Blues by Squire Tuck;
Free To Use 9 by Monplaisir;
Frá opnunarhátíð Hörpunnar by Raddir Íslands.

Sound of the glacier courtesy of the Art We There Yet Project;
image by Josh Okun. The story was produced and narrated by Tony Andrews, and hosted by R. Jay Magill

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