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16 Feb 17

Janine di Giovanni, Middle East Editor of Newsweek and contributing editor of Vanity Fair, is one of Europe’s most respected reporters, with vast experience covering war and conflict over the past two decades. In this lecture, Di Giovanni will explore what is in store for the region as Donald Trump takes office. She writes of the evening’s topics: “Obviously, it is too early to tell how the forty-fifth President of the United States will handle the Middle East, but we do have some indications. Will his inflammatory rhetoric in Israel — about moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem — fan a third intifada? Will he join forces with Putin and Assad to conquer ISIS? What does the projection for the Middle East in 2017 look like in terms of the refugee crisis, the on-going wars in Syria, Yemen, and the stalled Palestinian-Israeli peace process?”

Generously supported by Daimler-Fonds

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