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03 Dec 15

Evgeny Morozov, Bosh Public Policy Fellow in the Spring 2015, is a leading critics in the discourse around the Internet of Things. The ability to turn passive and analogue objects into smart and interconnected ones has been widely hailed as a revolutionary development. Not only could it help us run cities, markets, and our own households more efficiently but it can also help solve problems like congestion and climate change — or this is what the utopian vision tells us. The dystopian vision suggests that, thanks, in part, to ubiquitous sensors and over-connectivity, we are careening towards a privacy disaster, that the “Internet of Things” would belong to the same few monopolies that already dominate the online world, and that the amount of control over individual behavior would only increase. This talk tries to articulate a middle ground between the two positions, showing how to put the Internet of Things to the more humane and citizen-focused use. Morozov is introduced by Frank Rieger, spokesperson for the Chaos Computer Club and advisor on cyber-security for the Bundestag.

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