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13 Apr 16

The Lyric I

In this reading, Kunzru fictionalizes arriving at an institute of advanced study in Berlin, wherein his working space is a desk in the middle of an open-plan office, devoid of all solitude.

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07 Apr 16

The Quick and the Dead: Life, Latency, and the Limits of the Biological

In this lecture, “The Quick and the Dead,” Sophia Roosth asks: At what pace must life proceed in order to count as life? How do qualities such as speed, slowness, time, and temperature actually shape the ways in which we think about life as form, pattern, or process?

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17 Mar 16

Arabic Poetry and the Project of Modernity

Poetry editor of the Paris Review Robyn Creswell asks how modern Arab poets have reconciled the demands of innovation and cultural preservation—the demand to make it new with the demand to make it authentic--and reflect on the way debates about culture and modernity have been reflected in the recent uprisings.

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16 Mar 16

Who Gets What and Why: The New Economics of Matchmaking and Market Design

Harvard economist Alvin E. Roth illuminates the everyday world of matching markets in organ donation, public school choice programs, college admissions, and online dating. Unlike commodity and equity markets, where price alone determines allocation, in matching markets one is not free to choose but rather must also be chosen.

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15 Mar 16

Fellow Spotlight: Robyn Creswell

Robyn Creswell’s research focuses on modern English, French, and Arabic poetry, specifically the intellectual history of the modern Middle East, theories and practices of translation, and contemporary poetry.

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11 Mar 16

Beyond the Lecture: Alvin E. Roth

Economist Alvin E. Roth spoke with the American Academy's "Beyond the Lecture" series about matching markets and how market design might aid, among many other things, in the resettlement of refugees in Europe.

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08 Mar 16

Fellow Spotlight: Brenda E. Stevenson

Brenda E. Stevenson is an expert on race and gender, US race riots, and southern and African-American family during the colonial and antebellum eras.

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03 Mar 16

American Experimental Music and Its Role in Germany from the 1950s to the Present

Veteran composer and sound artist David Behrman discusses the relationships between experimental American composer-performers and the West German producers and artists who vigorously supported their work from the 1950s until Reunification.

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03 Mar 16

Fellow Spotlight: Hari Kunzru

Prompted by contemporary concerns about privacy, surveillance, data mining, and credit-card fraud, Kunrzu is fusing memoir, research, essay, and fiction to explore the risks of intruding into a once-protected realm.

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02 Mar 16

Fellow Spotlight: Roxani Margariti

At the Academy, Roxani Margariti is be working on her project “Insular Crossroads: The Local, Regional and Global Story of the Red Sea’s Dahlak Archipelago.”

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