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Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the Department of Environment and Geography, University of Manitoba, Canada

EADS Distinguished Visitor - Class of Fall 2013

Vaclav Smil is considered one of the leading experts in energy issues. His interdisciplinary research interests encompass the broad areas of energy, the environment, food, population, the economy, history, and public policy. Much of his work challenges conventional Western environmental and geopolitical thought, such as peak-oil theory, carbon sequestration, and various other energy-related ideas. Smil is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Environment and Geography at the University of Manitoba, and has recently been appointed by the Governor General of Canada to the Order of Canada. He has also worked as a consultant for many US, EU, and international institutions. His recent works include: Should We Eat Meat? Evolution and Consequences of Modern Carnivory (Wiley-Blackwell, May 2013) and Harvesting the Biosphere: What We Have Taken from Nature (MIT, January 2013), among many others. In 2010, Smil was listed by Foreign Policy among the Top 100 Global Thinkers.

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