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Photo: Mike Minehan

Commissioner, United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington, DC

American Academy Distinguished Visitor - Class of Spring 2005

Roel Campos was sworn in as Commissioner, United States Securities and Exchange in August 2002. Prior to being nominated to the Commission, Campos was one of two founders and principal owners of El Dorado Communications and served as an executive with the radio broadcasting company at its headquarters in Houston, Texas. After beginning his career with the government, serving as an officer in the US Air Force, he worked for the next 15 years in Los Angeles, for major law firms as a corporate transactions/securities lawyer and litigator. Campos served in the government for a second time beginning in 1985 as a federal prosecutor for several years in the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. He successfully prosecuted complex and violent narcotics cartels and also investigated and prosecuted major government contractors for fraudulent conduct.

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