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Photo: Harvard University

Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Harvard University

American Academy Distinguished Visitor - Class of Fall 2001

Nathan Glazer is one of the most influential sociologists of the second half of the twentieth century. He is interested in a wide range of topics, from ethnicity, the sociology of American Jews and social policy, to urbanism and architecture.


Glazer has taught at the University of California in Berkeley and at Harvard University. During Kennedy’s presidency, Glazer worked in the Housing and Home Finance Agency and was an advocate for historical preservation of buildings, such as the original Penn Station in New York City. His books include Beyond the Melting Pot, American Judaism, The Limits of Social Policy, and The Lonely Crowd (with David Riesman). Glazer is the former co-editor of the now defunct journal the Public Interest, a neoconservative public-policy journal on political economy and culture, and was a longtime contributing editor to the New Republic. 


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