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Cartoonist, New York

Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Visitor - Class of Spring 2014

Jules Feiffer — cartoonist, playwright, screenwriter, and children’s book author and illustrator — has had a creative career turning contemporary urban anxiety into witty and revealing commentary for over fifty years. From his Village Voice editorial cartoons (Explainers: The Complete Village Voice Strips, 1956-1966) to his plays and screenplays including Little Murders (1971) and Carnal Knowledge (1971), Feiffer’s satirical outlook has helped define American life politically, sexually, and socially.


Feiffer is a recipient of a Pulitzer Prize (1986) and a George Polk Award (1961) for his cartoons; an Obie for his plays (1969/1970); an Academy Award (1961) for the animation of his cartoon satire, Munro; and Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Writers Guild of America and the National Cartoonist Society. Presently living on the East End of Long Island, Feiffer is a visiting professor at Stony Brook Southampton College.

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