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Photo: Annette Hornischer

Journalist, Author, and Editor, The Atlantic, Washington, DC

Dirk Ippen Fellow - Class of Spring 2015

Jeffrey Goldberg was a national correspondent for The Atlantic and former staff writer for the New Yorker, before becoming the editor of The Atlantic in 2016. His book Prisoners: A Story of Friendship and Terror (Knopf, 2006) was named a top book of the year by the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post. Goldberg received the 2003 National Magazine Award for Reporting for his coverage of Islamic terrorism and the 2005 Anti-Defamation League Daniel Pearl Prize. He also received the Overseas Press Club award for best human-rights reporting and the Abraham Cahan Prize in Journalism.


Goldberg began his career at the Washington Post, later wrote a column for the Jerusalem Post, covered the mafia for New York Magazine, and spent several years with the New York Times Magazine. He was a public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in 2002, and a fellow of the Jerusalem Foundation in 2001. In recent years, Goldberg’s reporting has taken him to Afghanistan and Pakistan, where he lived for a month in a Taliban madrasa, as well as to Upper Egypt, Syria, the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, and the Gaza Strip and West Bank. He has interviewed leaders of Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, al-Qaeda, Ansar al-Islam, and the Taliban. He covered the Second Persian Gulf War for the New Yorker from inside Iraq.

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