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Photo: Hans Glave

Lucy Marsh Haskell ’19 Professor of English, Connecticut College

Siemens Fellow - Class of Spring 2010

Janet Gezari is a specialist in the English novel, Victorian literature, and modern and contemporary fiction. She is the Lucretia L. Allyn Professor of Literatures in English at Connecticut College and received her BA from Cornell University and her PhD from Yale University. She is the author of Last Things: Emily Brontë’s Poems (Oxford, 2007) and Charlotte Brontë and Defensive Conduct: The Author and The Body at Risk (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1992). Gezari has also edited Emily Brontë’s poems for the Penguin English Poets series (1991) and has published essays and book chapters on a wide range of writers including the George Eliot, Conrad, Nabokov, and Bob Dylan. In 2000 and 2008, she spent semesters in Mysore, India, co-directing Connecticut College’s program there and teaching colonial novels and post-colonial Anglophone Indian fiction.

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