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Photo: Thilo Ruckeis

Professor of Theater, Skidmore College, New York

Berlin Prize Fellow - Class of Fall 1998 and Class of Spring 1999

Gautam Dasgupta has taught drama and theater at Skidmore College since 1990. His professional concentration is on the history of American drama and theater. He was an inaguaral Berlin Prize Fellow from September 1998 until May 1999 and has been the recipient of numerous scholarships, which have allowed him to do research in Europe as well as in Asia. In 1991 Dasgupta studied theater in India and Bangladesh as a Fellow of the Asian Cultural Council, and two years later he received a scholarship from Skidmore College for his project “Central European Theatre in the Post-Communist Era.” Dasgupta has written two books and published four, among them Theatre of the Ridiculous: Kenneth Bernard, Charles Ludlam, Jack Smith, Ronald Travel; and Interculturalism and Performance: Writings from PAJ.

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