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Photo: The New Yorker

Film Critic, The New Yorker

Class of Spring 2008

David Denby is an American film critic at the New Yorker, a role he shares with British critic Anthony Lane. After graduating from Columbia University, and then doing graduate work in film at Stanford, Denby was a critic at the Atlantic Monthly, Boston Phoenix, and from 1978 to 1998, at New York magazine. He is the author of Great Books: My Adventures with Homer, Rousseau, Woolf, and Other Indestructible Writers of the Western World (Simon & Schuster, 1997), a guide to re-reading literary and political theory classics. The book has appeared in twelve foreign editions. His next book, American Sucker (Little, Brown, 2004), was a chronicle of Denby’s misadventures in the stock market at the end of the tech boom. Denby is a member of the national Society of Film Critics, and the New York Film Critics Circle.

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