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Photo: Annette Hornischer

Margaret and Roger Scholten Professor International Studies, Department of History, Kalamazoo College, Michigan

George Herbert Walker Bush/Axel Springer Fellow - Class of Spring 2007

David Barclay is a professor of history and the Margaret and Roger Scholten Professor of International Studies at Kalamazoo College. His scholarship focuses on the social, economic, political, and labor history of nineteenth-century and twentieth-century Germany. Since January 2006 Barclay has been Executive Director of the German Studies Association (GSA), an interdisciplinary association of historians, Germanisten/Germanistinnen, political scientists, art historians, musicologists, and other scholars interested in the German-Speaking world. Barclay has a long-standing interest in the history of Berlin, the Mark Brandenburg, and Prussia.


He has been involved with two long-standing research projects at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, and in 2000 published a biography of Ernst Reuter, the legendary mayor of West Berlin during the early Cold War (Schaut auf diese Stadt. Der unbekannte Ernst Reuter). He has recently completed an English-language revision of this book, which originally appeared in German. He is also the author of Frederick William IV and the Prussian Monarchy 1840-1861 (Oxford University Press, 1995) and Rudolf Wissell als Sozialpolitiker 1890-1933 (Colloquium Verlag, 1984). With Eric D. Weitz, Barclay co-edited Between Reform and Revolution: German Socialism and Communism from 1840 to 1990 (Berghahn Books, 1998) and, with Elisabeth Glaser-Schmidt, he co-edited Transatlantic Images and Perceptions: Germany and America since 1776 (Cambridge University Press, 1997). Barclay translated Otto Büsch’s Industrialisierung und Geschichtswissenschaft. Ein Beitrag zur Thematik der historischen Industrialisierungsforschung into English; this translation was published alongside the original as The Historian and the Industrial Age: Some Thematic and Methodological Observations on Industrialization as an Historical Problem (Colloquium, 1979). For 13 years, Barclay served as director of the Center for Western European Studies at Kalamazoo College.


Barclay holds a BA and MA in history from the University of Florida and a PhD in history from Stanford University.

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