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The Startup Illusion

by Steven Hill
As German start-ups aim to duplicate the Silicon Valley model, our alumnus Steve Hill, in his new book Die Startup Illusion, asks if it best serves the European social model. Herewith, an exclusive essay for the Berlin Journal, derived from Hill's Introduction.

Kreuzberg 10963

by Esra Akcan
An account of urban and social stress inside the Turkish Kreuzberg of the 1980s.

The Turks

by Han Ong
Excerpt from a manuscript in progress.
"Han: I’m a writer.
Heike: Ahh. So we would love you in Berlin!
Han: Would you?"

Berlin for Jews

by Leonard Barkan
An archaeology of Berlin's Jewish past via a reading of the graves of the cemetery at the Schönhauser Allee.

Artist Portfolio

by Trenton Doyle Hancock
Hancock’s intricate candy-colored prints, drawings, collaged-felt paintings, and site-specific installations work together to tell the story of the “Mounds”—bizarre mythical creatures that are the tragic protagonists of his unfolding narrative between good and evil.

Ruination and Reconstruction

by Christina Schwenkel
Assessing the reconstruction of Vinh City with the technical and financial assistance of East Germany.

The Deuter Institute

by Hari Kunzru
"The poet does not care about his surroundings, or if he does, he’s making the best of things. He is absorbed in his artistic labor. This was how I wanted to be, who I wanted to be, at least for a while."

Life Without Authority

by Michael J. Watts
It is hard to exaggerate the devastation that Boko Haram has unleashed upon vast tracts of the northeast of Nigeria since 2009 and the horror it has wrought by attacks across the country’s Muslim north, including in major cities such as Kano, and the capital, Abuja.

Irredentist Chic

by Virág Molnár
Right-wing radicalism has been on the rise across Europe as evidenced by the growing popularity of populist-nationalist parties like Front National in France, or the UKIP in the UK, and is likely to increase further in the wake of the current European refugee and migrant crisis.


by Jennifer R. Davis
If we could imagine standing in Rome around the year 500 CE, as the old empire had been gradually replaced by new kingdoms, we would see a world in transition.

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